5466-348 - Netcon SIO Module

5466-348 - Netcon SIO Module 5466-348 - Netcon SIO Module

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Part Number: 5466-348
Manufacturer: Woodward
Product type: Netcon SIO Module
Rate Group: One driver per port, 5 milliseconds
Protoco:l RS-485 UART
Baud Rate: 417 kbaud
Parity: None
Data Bits: 8
Stop Bit: 1
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

5466-348 is a Netcon SIO Module developed by Woodward. SIO Module is equipped with three RS-485 ports. Each port is intended for use with EM or GS/LQ Digital Actuator Drivers. Every 5 ms, one driver is allowed for each port. The address switches of each driver must match the driver number in the GAP application program. The Universal Digital Drivers' RS-485 communications can be used for monitoring or control.


  • With one driver per port, the update rate for critical parameters is 5 ms.
  • Interface for Digital Actuator Drivers
  • Each RS-485 port can operate at a different rate group.
  • Each driver's communication fault is detected, and drivers with comm faults are disabled.
  • Remote monitoring of driver parameters
  • Remote driver parameter configuration
  • Allows the drivers to issue a fast and very accurate position command (16 bits, no noise).


  • It can send position demand and configuration information to the driver while also monitoring the driver status outputs.
  • It is capable of configuring the driver and monitoring the status outputs, but not of sending a position demand. The demand for driver position would come from a 4- 20 mA input or the CAN bus interface.
  • It can be used to monitor the driver's status outputs but not to configure or send a position demand to the driver. The driver position demand could be generated by a 4-20 mA input or by the CAN bus interface, and the configuration input could be generated by RS-232 or by the CAN bus interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 5466-348?
It is Netcon SIO Module developed by Woodward.

How many drivers can be connected to each RS-485 port?
Each RS-485 port allows for the connection of one driver. Therefore, the module can accommodate a total of three drivers, one for each port.

What is the update rate for critical parameters when using one driver per port?
When using one driver per port, the update rate for critical parameters is 5 milliseconds. This means that important data related to the actuator drivers can be refreshed every 5 milliseconds.

Can each RS-485 port operate at a different rate group?
Yes, each RS-485 port on the SIO Module can operate at a different rate group. This allows for flexibility in configuring the communication speed or baud rate for each port based on specific requirements.

How are communication faults of the drivers detected?
The SIO Module actively detects communication faults of the drivers. If a communication fault is detected for a specific driver, that driver will be disabled. This helps to ensure the integrity and reliability of the communication between the module and the drivers.