5466-042 - Circuit Board

5466-042 - Circuit Board 5466-042 - Circuit Board

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Part Number: 5466-042
Manufacturer: Woodward
Product type: Circuit Board
Processor: MPC5200
Flash memory: 64 MB
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

5466-042 is a Circuit Board developed by Woodward.  The MicroNet platform presents an adaptable and versatile system that is ingeniously engineered to regulate a diverse array of prime movers and their interconnected processes. This comprehensive platform extends its capabilities beyond the mere control of prime movers, encompassing a wide spectrum of functionalities that intricately manage and optimize various associated processes.


  • At its core, the MicroNet platform effectively orchestrates high-speed control functions, efficiently manipulating the prime mover's operations with precision and responsiveness. These high-speed control functions are pivotal in ensuring that the prime mover performs optimally and in accordance with the required specifications.
  • The platform's prowess goes beyond basic control, encompassing the intricacies of system sequencing. It intelligently coordinates the sequence of events and operations, ensuring that each step unfolds seamlessly and in sync with the overall process requirements. This sequential control is a cornerstone of process optimization and stability.
  • In addition to its prime mover-oriented tasks, the MicroNet platform assumes the role of managing auxiliary systems. These auxiliary systems are vital components that complement the prime mover's operations, and the platform adeptly oversees their functioning to guarantee smooth and efficient overall system performance.
  • One of the platform's standout features is its capability to oversee surge control. This involves skillfully mitigating any surges or fluctuations that may arise during the operation of the prime mover and associated processes. By intelligently managing these surges, the platform ensures stable and safe operations.
  • Monitoring and alarming functionalities are another integral facet of the MicroNet platform. It constantly gathers and analyzes data from various points within the system, promptly detecting any anomalies or deviations from the expected parameters. In the event of such deviations, the platform triggers alarms, allowing operators to swiftly respond and take corrective actions.
  • Centralized management of various components within a station or facility. The platform's ability to harmonize operations across multiple units ensures that the entire station operates cohesively and efficiently.

TMR System Features

  • The TMR (Triple Modular Redundancy) Main chassis represents a pivotal structural component within the architecture, offering an array of slots dedicated to accommodating various essential modules. These modules encompass kernel power supplies, central processing units (CPUs), and a total of twelve I/O Modules. This Main chassis forms the fundamental building block for TMR systems, serving as the core foundation that supports the system's overarching operations. This characteristic holds true whether one opts for the TMR5200 processor or the TMR040 processor, signifying the chassis's versatility and applicability across different processor variants.
  • A significant point to underscore is the interdependence between kernel power supplies and the type of CPU employed within the system. This synergy underscores the importance of matching the characteristics of the kernel power supply modules to the specific attributes and requirements of the chosen CPU. This synchronization ensures optimal performance and seamless integration within the TMR setup.
  • A noteworthy expansion capability lies within the TMR Main chassis's design. With the utilization of RTN (Redundant Trunk Network) networks, the system can be extended to incorporate up to three I/O chassis. Particularly when leveraging the TMR5200 processors, this expansion potential is unlocked. The implementation of RTN networks serves as the enabling mechanism for this extension, facilitating the seamless communication between the main chassis and the expansion units.
  • The incorporation of RTN networks takes the system's capabilities a step further, granting each CPU direct access to the I/O Modules situated within the expansion chassis. This arrangement transforms the I/O in the expansion chassis into a resource shared among the different CPUs. Consequently, these distributed CPUs can harness and leverage the same I/O Modules, enhancing operational efficiency and resource utilization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 5466-042?
It is a Circuit Board developed by Woodward.

How many modules can the TMR Main chassis hold?
The TMR Main chassis is designed to house kernel power supplies, CPUs, and a maximum of twelve I/O Modules. This modular arrangement allows for comprehensive system integration.

What is the significance of kernel power supplies in the TMR system?
Kernel power supplies are essential for providing power to the core components of the TMR system, including the CPUs. Proper matching of kernel power supplies to the specific type of CPU used is crucial to ensure optimal system performance.

Can the TMR Main chassis support different processor variants?
Yes, the TMR Main chassis is designed to support both the TMR5200 processor and the TMR040 processor. This adaptability highlights its versatility in accommodating different processing configurations.

How can the TMR system be expanded using RTN networks?
By employing Redundant Trunk Network (RTN) networks, the TMR system can be expanded to include up to three I/O chassis. The RTN network facilitates seamless communication between the main chassis and the expansion units.

What benefit does the RTN network offer in terms of CPU access to I/O Modules?
The RTN network grants each CPU direct access to the I/O Modules located within the expansion chassis. This configuration creates a shared I/O resource among multiple CPUs, enhancing efficiency and resource utilization.