5464-340 - High-Temperature Module

5464-340 - High-Temperature Module 5464-340 - High-Temperature Module

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Part Number: 5464-340
Manufacturer: Woodward
Product Type: Module
Number of Channels: 8 semi-isolated, RTD channels
Input Type: 3 wire
Availability: In Stock
Function: High-Temperature Module
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

5464-340 is an High-Temperature Module developed by Woodward. The key feature of Semi ISO RTD 100 High-Temperature Module module is its compatibility with RTD sensors that follow the semi-isolated (Semi ISO) configuration. RTD sensors are known for their excellent accuracy and stability in temperature measurement, making them ideal for critical applications where precise temperature control is required.

Product Attributes

  • This module's eight channels are semi-isolated. The channels are separated from the common control but not from one another. An RTD sends a signal to each channel. This signal must be generated by a 100 Platinum RTD (European or American curve).
  • 100 ohm modules are classified into two types. The temperature ranges for the American and European curves are the same in the standard module (-40 to +450 °C). The temperature range of the high temperature module for the American curve is -40 to +450 °C and -40 to +645 °C for the European curve.

Temperature ranges

  • Standard module: -40 to +450 °C (100 ohm platinum, American,European)
  • High Temp Module: -40 to +645 °C (100 ohm platinum, European), -40 to +450 °C (100 ohm platinum, American)
  • Excitation: 2 mA
  • Module interface: VMEbus
  • Output: Linearized temperatures in °C
  • Resolution: 14 bit converter
  • Accuracy: 0.5% of full scale over the entire temperature range
  • Temperature Coefficient: 12 ppm/degree C
  • Isolation: 1500 Vac continuous (input channels to control common, not channel to channel)
  • Input Impedance: 2.2 Mohm
  • CMRR: -90 db
  • Status Indication: RED LED - channel fault or board fault


  • The module supports RTD 100 sensors, which are designed to measure temperature based on the resistance change of platinum wire as a function of temperature. This type of sensor offers high accuracy and reliability, making it suitable for demanding industrial environments.
  • The High-Temperature Module is specifically designed to handle extreme temperature conditions. It is engineered to withstand high-temperature environments without compromising its performance and accuracy. This makes it suitable for applications where temperature measurements need to be monitored at elevated temperatures.
  • It features advanced signal conditioning and amplification techniques to minimize noise and interference that can affect temperature measurements. This ensures that the module provides precise and stable temperature readings, allowing for accurate control and monitoring of temperature-sensitive processes.
  • The module is designed for easy integration into existing control systems. It supports standard communication protocols, enabling seamless connectivity with various industrial automation systems. This facilitates the smooth integration of the module into the control infrastructure, reducing installation time and effort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 5464-340?
It is an High-Temperature Module developed by Woodward.

What is the configuration of the channels in the module?
The module consists of eight channels that are semi-isolated. This means that while each channel is separated from the common control, they are not isolated from each other.

What type of signal does the module receive from an RTD?
Each channel of the module receives a signal from a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD). The RTD used must be a 100 Platinum RTD, which can generate a temperature-dependent signal.

What are the types of 100 ohm modules available?
The 100 ohm modules are classified into two types based on the temperature curves: the American curve and the European curve.