5462-443 - Fuel Transfer Card

5462-443 - Fuel Transfer Card 5462-443 - Fuel Transfer Card

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Part Number: 5462-443
Manufacturer: Woodward
Product type: Fuel Transfer Card
Availability: In stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

5462-443 is a Fuel Transfer Card Module developed by Woodward. The MicroNet Plus platform encompasses an array of tailored features and performance attributes that are meticulously designed to align with the stringent demands of prime mover control. Its capabilities have been specifically honed to address the complex and challenging environments inherent in industrial operations. A cornerstone of the MicroNet Plus platform is its CPU capability, which serves as the foundation for its advanced functionalities. This processing power is optimized to accommodate intricate control tasks with precision and efficiency, ensuring optimal performance across a variety of applications.

System Features

  • The platform's application software recursion rates and determinism are critical factors that contribute to its reliability. These aspects enable the platform to operate seamlessly, even in scenarios where real-time decisions are paramount. This deterministic behavior, coupled with recursive capabilities, fosters heightened responsiveness and accuracy.
  • Integral to the MicroNet Plus platform are its software algorithms, which are finely tuned to execute intricate tasks with a high degree of precision and reliability. These algorithms play a pivotal role in maintaining the platform's overall accuracy and dependability in critical operations.
  • The platform's signal conditioning and filtering mechanisms are strategically integrated to ensure accurate interpretation of input signals. This precise signal management is pivotal for maintaining operational stability by facilitating accurate control actions.
  • A spectrum of features collaborates harmoniously to establish the MicroNet Plus platform as an optimal performer under demanding circumstances. Its ability to gracefully manage sudden load changes without compromising stability reflects its robust load rejection performance.
  • Incorporating sophisticated Dynamic Load Management (DLE) fuel control algorithms enhances the platform's versatility. These algorithms enable the precise management of fuel delivery, optimizing efficiency and minimizing wastage.
  • The MicroNet Plus platform also includes Incipient Surge Detection, demonstrating its advanced capabilities in identifying early signs of surge within the system. This feature enhances the platform's ability to proactively address potential operational disruptions.
  • The MicroNet Plus platform's applicability extends to long-term naval programs, showcasing its resilience and effectiveness even in mission-critical contexts.
  • A crucial element of the MicroNet Plus platform is the assurance of long-term support and service by Woodward. This commitment ensures a smooth start-up process, sustained maintenance, and a prolonged support life, bolstering the platform's value and reliability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 5462-443?
It is a Fuel Transfer Card developed by Woodward.

What are the CPU options available for the MicroNet Plus control system?
The MicroNet Plus control system offers both simplex and redundant CPU configurations, allowing customers to choose the setup that best suits their requirements.

How can a simplex CPU system be upgraded to redundant CPUs?
Upgrading a simplex CPU system to redundant CPUs is a straightforward process. Adding a second CPU and making a minor application software change achieves the upgrade, enhancing system reliability.

How is I/O module selection customized for customers?
I/O Module selection is tailored to match the specific requirements of each customer's application. This customization ensures that the control system aligns perfectly with operational needs.