5432-157 - Power Supply

5432-157 - Power Supply 5432-157 - Power Supply

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Part Number: 5432-157
Manufacturer: Woodward
Product type: Power Supply
Length: 14 ft
Availability: In stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

5432-157 is a Power Supply developed by Woodward. The power supply chassis is designed with redundancy, utilizing redundant power supplies to ensure reliable and uninterrupted power delivery. This redundancy feature enhances the system's overall reliability and fault tolerance, minimizing the risk of power supply failure. The main control power supply chassis incorporates a motherboard located on the back of the chassis. This motherboard facilitates the operation of the two redundant power supplies, allowing them to work together to form a redundant power system. The redundant setup ensures that if one power supply were to fail, the other would seamlessly take over, preventing any disruption in the power supply to the control system.


  • One notable feature of the power supply system is its excellent power output regulation. The system is designed to maintain high precision and stability in power delivery, even under varying conditions. The regulation includes considerations for line voltage variations, load fluctuations, and temperature effects. The power output regulation is impressively low, with a deviation of less than +5%. This level of regulation ensures that the control system receives consistent and reliable power, minimizing the risk of voltage fluctuations that could negatively impact system performance.
  • By utilizing redundant power supplies, the main control power supply chassis offers enhanced reliability and fault tolerance. The redundant power system, supported by the motherboard, ensures continuous power supply to the control system. With its separately regulated 24 Vdc outputs and impressive power output regulation, the power supply chassis provides stable and precise power to the control system, contributing to its overall performance and longevity.
  • When the redundant power supplies in the system are operational, current sharing circuitry comes into play to balance the load between the power supplies. This circuitry ensures that each power supply shares the load proportionally, reducing the heat generated and promoting more efficient operation. By balancing the load, the current sharing circuitry helps to improve the overall reliability of the power supplies and prevents one power supply from being overburdened while the other remains underutilized.
  • One significant advantage of the current sharing circuitry is its support for hot replacement of the power supplies. In the event that one power supply needs to be replaced due to a fault or maintenance, the current sharing circuitry allows for the replacement to be carried out while the system is still in operation. This means that the faulty power supply can be swapped out without interrupting the operation of the control system. This hot replacement capability minimizes downtime and ensures the continuous functioning of the control system.


The power supply units are equipped with four LEDs that provide visual indications of the power supply's health and status. These LEDs serve as useful diagnostic tools, allowing users to quickly assess the power supply's condition. The four LEDs and their corresponding indications are:

  • OK LED: This LED indicates that the power supply is operating normally and that there are no immediate issues or faults.
  • Input Fault LED: If this LED is illuminated, it signifies that there is a fault or issue with the power supply's input, such as a problem with the incoming power source or voltage irregularities.
  • Overtemperature LED: When this LED is lit, it indicates that the power supply has exceeded a safe operating temperature threshold. This could be due to factors like insufficient cooling or excessive heat buildup within the power supply unit.
  • Power Supply Fault LED: If this LED is illuminated, it signifies a fault or issue specific to the power supply itself. This could include internal component failures or malfunctions.

Input Power Wiring

  • Ground Leakage Requirements: MicroNet TMR controls have specific ground leakage requirements to ensure safe and reliable operation. Ground leakage refers to the current that flows from the control system to ground. It is essential to keep ground leakage within specified limits. For AC installations, the maximum allowable ground leakage is 7.2 mA at 60 Hz. However, to ensure proper safety, it is recommended to keep the ground leakage below 3.5 mA AC.
  • Ground Conductor Connection: To maintain safety standards, it is essential to connect a ground conductor to the chassis of the control system. The ground conductor provides a path for fault currents to flow to ground, protecting against electrical hazards. This connection helps to prevent the accumulation of electrical charges and ensures the safety of personnel and equipment.
  • Power Supply Grounding: In addition to connecting the ground conductor to the chassis, it is necessary to establish a proper grounding connection for the power supply printed circuit boards. This helps to ensure the grounding of the power supply components, promoting reliable operation and protecting against electrical faults. It is important to connect the power supply grounding terminal(s) to an appropriate earth ground to establish a reliable ground reference for the control system.
  • Grounding Conductor Size: The grounding conductor used should be of the same size as the main supply conductors. It is crucial to match the conductor size to ensure proper current carrying capacity and to meet electrical code requirements. By using an appropriately sized grounding conductor, you can effectively manage fault currents and maintain electrical safety within the control system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 5432-157?
It is a Power Supply developed by Woodward.

What is the benefit of having redundant power supplies in the power supply chassis?
Redundant power supplies enhance system reliability by providing backup power in case of a power supply failure. This ensures uninterrupted operation of the control system and minimizes downtime.

How does the power supply chassis maintain stable power output?
The power supply chassis regulates power output with high precision. It considers factors such as line voltage variations, load fluctuations, and temperature effects to deliver consistent and reliable power to the control system. The power output regulation is impressively low, with a deviation of less than +5 percent.

Can the power supplies be replaced while the system is in operation?
Yes, the current sharing circuitry supports hot replacement of power supplies. In the event of a fault or maintenance, the faulty power supply can be replaced without interrupting the control system's operation. This capability minimizes downtime and ensures continuous system functionality.