3500/61 - Temperature Monitor Module

3500/61 - Temperature Monitor Module 3500/61 - Temperature Monitor Module

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Part Number: 3500/61
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Series: 3500
Product Type: Temperature Monitor Module
Operating Temperature: -30 to +65 degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature: -40 to +85 degrees Celsius
Voltage Compatibility: 0 to +12 Vdc
Humidity: 95%
Availability: In Stock
Repair: 3-7 Day
Weight: 1.90 lbs
Condition: New
Dimensions: 24.13 cm x 2.44 cm x 24.18 cm
Country of Origin: United States


3500/61 is a Temperature Monitor Module manufactured and designed by Bently Nevada as part of the 3500 Series used for monitoring seismic activity. The GE / Bently Nevada 3500/61 Series Temperature Monitors Modules offer six temperature monitoring channels and accept temperature inputs from both RTDs and thermocouples. These inputs are processed by the modules, which then compare them to user-programmable alarm setpoints. The 3500/61 offers the same functionality as the one except that it has recorder outputs for each of its six channels, which the does not. The 3500 Rack Configuration Software is used by the user to program the modules to take RTD or TC temperature data. The RTD/TC non-isolated and TC-isolated versions of several I/O modules are both available. The RTD/TC non-isolated version can be set up to take inputs that are either all RTD or all TC, or a combination of both. To guard against outside interference, the TC-isolated version offers 250 Vdc of channel-to-channel isolation.


  • Six Channels for Monitoring Temperature
  • Resistance Temperature Detector and Thermocouple as Temperature Inputs
  • Each channel's output from the recorder
  • TC Isolated or Non-Isolated RTD/TC Versions

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How accurate are temperature monitor modules?

The accuracy of temperature monitor modules can vary depending on the specific module and sensor used. High-quality modules can provide accurate temperature measurements within a few degrees Celsius or even fractions of a degree Celsius. It's essential to choose a module with the appropriate accuracy for your application.

What is a temperature monitor module?

A temperature monitor module is a device or component designed to measure and monitor temperature. It usually consists of a sensor, such as a thermocouple or a digital temperature sensor, and supporting circuitry to read and interpret the temperature data.

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