3500/50 - Tachometer Module

3500/50 - Tachometer Module 3500/50 - Tachometer Module

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Part Number: 3500/50
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Series: 3500
Availability: In Stock
Repair: 3-7 Day
Weight: 1.90 lbs
Dimensions: 24.13 cm x 2.44 cm x 24.18 cm
Country of Origin: United States


3500/50 is a Tachometer Module manufactured and designed by Bently Nevada as part of the 3500 Series used for monitoring seismic activity. A tachometer module is an electronic device used to measure the rotational speed of a motor or engine. It is commonly found in automotive applications but can also be used in various other industries where monitoring and controlling rotational speed is essential. The tachometer module typically consists of a sensor and a display unit. The sensor is responsible for sensing the rotational motion of the motor or engine, while the display unit provides a visual representation of the speed.

How a Tachometer Module Works:

Sensor: The sensor is usually a magnetic pickup or an optical sensor that detects the passing of teeth or marks on a rotating component, such as a flywheel or crankshaft. It generates electrical signals corresponding to the rotational speed.

Signal Processing: The electrical signals generated by the sensor are processed by the tachometer module to determine the rotational speed. This involves converting the signals into a usable format and calculating the speed based on the frequency or time interval between the pulses.

Display Unit: The tachometer module typically has a digital or analog display unit that shows the rotational speed. Digital tachometers display the speed as numerical values, while analog tachometers use a pointer or dial to indicate the speed on a scale.


  • 2-Channel Module
  • Accepts Input from Proximity Probes or Magnetic Pickups
  • Peak Hold Stores Highest Speed, Highest Reverse Speed, Number of Reverse Rotations
  • Able to Reset the Peak Values
  • Supplies Conditioned Keyphasor Signals to the Backplane of the 3500 Rack

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What is the purpose of a tachometer module?

A tachometer module is used to measure and display the rotational speed of a motor or engine. It provides real-time information about the speed, allowing users to monitor and control the performance of the rotating machinery.

What are the different types of tachometer modules?

Tachometer modules can be categorized into analog and digital types. Analog tachometers use a dial or pointer to indicate the speed on a scale, while digital tachometers display the speed as numerical values. Some tachometer modules may also include additional features such as alarms, memory, or communication interfaces.

Can tachometer modules be integrated with other systems?

Yes, many tachometer modules offer communication interfaces, such as serial ports or network connectivity, to integrate with other systems or devices. This enables data logging, remote monitoring, or integration with control systems for automated processes.