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Part No.: 3500/42M
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Product Type: Proximitor Seismic Monitor
Series: Bently Nevada 3500

3500/42M is a Proximitor Seismic Monitor component developed by Bently Nevada. It's a four-channel monitor with proximity and seismic transducer input. It compares the conditioned signals to user-programmable alarms and conditions the signal to produce vibration and location readings. The 3500 Rack Configuration Software can be used to program each channel to monitor and report radial vibration, thrust position, REBAM, acceleration, differential expansion, eccentricity, velocity, and other parameters.

  • The monitor channels are set up in pairs and can execute up to two of the functions specified at the same time. Channels 1 and 2 can, for example, perform one function while Channels 3 and 4 perform another or the same.
  • The Proximitor Seismic Monitor protects machinery by comparing monitored parameters to selected alarm setpoints in real-time, triggering alarms. It informs both operations and maintenance employees about critical machine information.
  • Depending on the arrangement, each channel typically conditions its input signal to yield a set of static values. It is possible to establish alert setpoints for any current static value, as well as danger setpoints for any two of them.
  • Set alarm levels for any value measured by the monitor and danger setpoints for any two of the values measured by the Monitor using Rack Configuration Software. For each measured value, alarms can be set from 0 to 100% of full scale. When the full-scale range exceeds the transducer's range, the setpoint is limited by the transducer's range.

Technical Characteristics


  • Accepts signals from one to four proximity, acceleration, or velocity transducers.
  • Power Consumption of 7.7 watts.


  • When the Monitor module is working properly, the OK LED lights on.
  • When the Seismic Monitor module is connecting with other modules in the 3500 rack, the TX/RX LED lights.
  • If the Seismic Monitor is in Bypass Mode, the Bypass LED lights.
  • Buffered Transducers: Each channel has its own coaxial connector on the front of the display. Short-circuit protection is built into each connector.
  • 550 ohms output impedance
  • Shaft Power Supply -24 Vdc
  • Resolution 0.3662A per bit
  • Transducer Power Supply -24 Vdc
  • The impedance of Absolute Output 300 ohms

Signal Processing

Temperature: 25 degrees celsius

Radial Vibration

  • User-programmable direct filter
  • Single-pole, -3db at 4 Hz to 4000 Hz or 1 Hz to 600 Hz, 1% precision
  • Gap Filter: at 0.09 Hz, -3 dB
  • Not 1X filter: Constant Q notch filter, minimum rejection in stopband of -34.9 dB, 60 cpm to 15.8 times running speed
  • Smax varies between 0.125 and 15.8 times running speed.
  • 1X and 2X vector filters: Constant Q Filter with a minimum rejection of -57.7 dB in the stopband


  • Gap and Direct: Filtering not included within 0.33% of the full-scale
  • 1X and 2X: Within 0.33 percent of the full-scale normal maximum of 1%

Differential Expansion and Thrust

  • Within 0.33 percent of full-scale accuracy

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is 3500/42M?
3500/42M is a Proximitor Seismic Monitor component developed by Bently Nevada.

What is the output impedance of 3500/42M?
The output impedance of the module is 550 ohms.

What does the TX/RX LED on 3500/42M indicate?
It indicates whether or not the component is connecting with other 3500 rack modules.

How much is the operating temperature range of 3500/42M?
-30 degrees celsius to +65 degrees celsius is the operating temperature range.

What are the dimensions of 3500/42M monitor module?
241.3 mm x 24.4 mm x 241.8 mm are the main board dimensions.