3500/42M - Proximitor Seismic Monitor I/O Module

3500/42M - Proximitor Seismic Monitor I/O Module 3500/42M - Proximitor Seismic Monitor I/O Module

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Part Number: 3500/42M
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Series: 3500
Input Signal: -10 Vdc to +10 Vdc
Power Consumption: 7.7 watts
Resolution: 0.3662A per bit
Shaft Power Supply: -24 Vdc
Product Type: Proximitor Seismic Monitor I/O Module
Temperature: 25 degrees Celsius
Transducer Power Supply: -24 Vdc
Humidity: 95%
Weight 0.85 lbs
Dimensions 9.50 x 4.50 x 1.00
Availability: In Stock
Repair: 3-7 Day
Country of Origin: United States


3500/42M is a Proximitor Seismic Monitor I/O Module manufactured and designed by Bently Nevada as part of the 3500 Series used for monitoring seismic activity. The 3500/42M Proximitor Seismic Monitor: l Protects machinery by continuously comparing monitored parameters against configured alarm setpoints to drive alarms. l Communicates essential machine information to both operations and maintenance personnel. The Proximitor Seismic Monitor I/O Module is a device designed for monitoring and managing seismic activity. Seismic monitoring involves the detection and analysis of ground vibrations, typically caused by earthquakes or other geological events. The I/O Module in this context likely refers to an input/output module, which is a component that facilitates the exchange of data between the seismic monitoring system and external devices or control systems. It may include various input channels for collecting seismic data and output channels for sending signals or data to other systems.


  • Seismic Sensors: The I/O module is likely to support various types of seismic sensors capable of detecting ground vibrations and movements.
  • Input Channels: Multiple input channels for connecting and receiving data from seismic sensors and other relevant devices.
  • Data Processing: Onboard processing capabilities to analyze and filter incoming seismic data for relevant information.
  • Communication Protocols: Support for communication protocols (e.g., Modbus, Ethernet, RS-485) to facilitate data exchange with other components of the seismic monitoring system or external devices.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Capability for real-time monitoring of seismic activity, allowing for immediate detection and response to ground movements.
  • Alarm Systems: Integration with alarm systems to provide alerts or notifications when certain seismic thresholds are exceeded, indicating potential risks.
  • Compatibility: Compatibility with other components of the seismic monitoring system, such as central monitoring units or software applications.
  • Remote Access: Remote access and control features, enable users to monitor and manage the seismic monitoring system from a distance.
  • Data Logging: Logging capabilities to record and store seismic data over time, facilitating historical analysis and trend identification.
  • Diagnostic Tools: Built-in diagnostic tools to troubleshoot and identify issues with the I/O module or connected sensors.
  • Power Supply: Reliable power supply options to ensure continuous operation, possibly including backup power sources.
  • Environmental Resistance: Robust design with environmental resistance to withstand the conditions of the installation site, which may include exposure to moisture, temperature variations, and other environmental factors.
  • User Interface: An intuitive user interface for configuration, monitoring, and management of the I/O module settings.
  • Compliance Standards: Adherence to relevant industry standards and regulations for seismic monitoring equipment.

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What is the Proximitor Seismic Monitor I/O Module?

The Proximitor Seismic Monitor I/O Module is a crucial component in our seismic monitoring system. It facilitates the input and output of data related to ground vibrations and seismic activity.

What types of seismic sensors are compatible with the I/O Module?

The I/O Module is designed to be compatible with a variety of seismic sensors. Please refer to the product documentation for a list of supported sensors.

How many input channels does the I/O Module have?

The number of input channels varies based on the specific model. Please check the product specifications for detailed information on the available input channels.