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3500/94M - VGA Display Module

3500/94M - VGA Display Module 3500/94M - VGA Display Module

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Part No.: 3500/94M
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Product Type: VGA Display Module
Series: Bently Nevada 3500

3500/94M is a VGA Display Module developed by Bently Nevada. It belongs to the 3500 series of components. This VGA module displays information from all 3500 machinery protection systems, including:

  • List of alarm events
  • List of system events
  • Data from all modules and channels
  • Status of the alarm and OK
  • Nine modes to customize the display

Up to nine unique screens can be configured using the 3500 Rack Configuration Software. One bar graph panel displays all of the 1X-filtered vibration readings by default, while another displays proximity transducer gap values. Custom screens can be organized into machine train groups. On the custom screen, you may also organize system data into various pages.

Components of the System

The 3500/94M is made up of the following components:

  • 3500/94M VGA module
  • An input/output module
  • A touch screen display with a VGA resolution of 10 inches or 15 inches.

Standard cables up to 6 m from a 3500 rack or a supported Keyboard Video Monitor Extender up to 10 km from the 3500 racks can be used to mount the VGA display monitor.

Displays with touch screens

Use the Advantech VGA touch screen displays in 10 inches or 15-inch sizes. These tiny, long-lasting screens are ideal for industrial applications that require great viewing quality. The Advantech 10-inch display is approved for use in hazardous settings. A separate power supply is required for each display. Both display drivers are supported by the 3500 Rack Configuration Software.

Keeping the number of displays to a minimum

You can view data from up to four 3500 racks on one display using a normal cable and the optional Display Router Box. In the upper right corner of the VGA display, the alarm and OK status are constantly shown. If any rack connected to the Display Router Box is Not OK or in Alarm status, a rack choose button changes color.

3500/94M VGA Display Unit Specifications


  • Maximum power usage is 4.6 watts.
  • High-capacity network- Monitor status, values, and data.
  • RS232 port (I/0)- Data from the touch controller


  • LED (OK LED): Indicates that the module is working properly.
  • TX/RX LED: Indicates that other system components are communicating with each other.
  • (I/O) VGA port: The display receives analog red, green, blue, and sync signals.
  • Front Port

Environmental Constraints

  • Operating Temperature range: -20°C to 65°C
  • Storage Temperature range: -40°C to 85°C
  • 95 percent relative humidity, non-condensing

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions: 241.3 mm height x 24.4 mm width x 241.8 mm depth
Weight: 730 kg

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is 3500/94M?
3500/94M is a VGA Display Module developed by Bently Nevada.

What is the operating temperature of 3500/94M?
The operating Temperature should be between -20 degree celsius to 65 degree celsius.

Under what temperature should 3500/94M be stored?
For proper functioning, the module should be kept within a temperature range of -40 degree celsius to 85 degree celsius.

How much does the 3500/94M component weigh?
The module has a weight of about 0.73 kg.

What are the outputs of 3500/94M?
The outputs are VGA port (I/O), OK LED, TX/RX LED, and Front Port.