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3500/25-01-02-01 - Enhanced Keyphasor Module

3500/25-01-02-01 - Enhanced Keyphasor Module 3500/25-01-02-01 - Enhanced Keyphasor Module

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Part Number: 3500/25-01-02-01
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Product Type: Enhanced Keyphasor Module
Series: 3500/25
Availability: In Stock

3500/25-01-02-01 Enhanced Keyphasor Module is a half-height, two-channel module that provides Keyphasor signals to 3500 rack monitor modules. When the Keyphasor mark on the shaft aligns with the Keyphasor transducer, the module accepts input signals from proximity probes or magnetic pickups and converts them to digital Keyphasor signals. In a standard setup, the 3500 Machinery Protection System can accept up to four Keyphasor signals, and up to eight Keyphasor signals in a paired arrangement.

Functional Description

The Enhanced Keyphasor Module is a 3500 system module that has been upgraded. It improves on the previous design's Keyphasor signal processing capabilities while maintaining complete form, fit, and function compatibility with existing Keyphasor modules for usage in older systems.

  • Transducer Outputs with Buffering
  • Internal Termination Isolated I/O Module
  • Isolated External Termination I/O Module
  • Internal Termination, Non-Isolated I/O Module
  • Non-Isolated External Termination I/O Module
  • Internal Termination, Barrier I/O Module

3500/25-01-02-01 Features

  • PWA 125792-01, the Keyphasor module, has been totally replaced by the upgraded 149369-01 module. The 3500 system should use two Keyphasor modules when a system Keyphasor input is required for Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) applications.
  • The modules work in parallel to deliver both a primary and secondary Keyphasor signal to the other modules in the rack in this setup. A paired arrangement can be used in a system with more than four Keyphasor inputs if there are no more than four major Keyphasor input signals.
  • Two successive monitoring positions in either the upper/lower or both half-slot positions are required in a paired setup. Four Keyphasor modules will accept four input channels (four primary and four back-ups) and provide four output channels (one per module).

3500/25-01-02-01 Enhanced Keyphasor Module Graph

  • A configuration with two paired and one non-paired Keyphasor module (a total of three Keyphasor modules) is also feasible. The user can configure one non-paired Keyphasor (order either two 2-channel or one 1-channel and one 2-channel choice) in this configuration.
  • The Isolated Keyphasor I/O module is intended for use in situations where the Keyphasor signals are connected in parallel to many devices and need to be isolated from other systems, such as a control system.
  • The Isolated I/O module was designed primarily for Magnetic Pickup applications, but it is also compatible with Proximitor* applications and will offer isolation if an external power supply is provided.
  • The primary purpose of this I/O module was to measure shaft speed rather than phase. The module can measure phase, but this I/O has a somewhat larger phase shift than the Non-Isolated I/O version.
  • Generation of once-per-turn event signals from multievent-per-turn inputs, field-upgradable firmware, and asset management data reporting are among the new product features.


  • Power Consumption: 3.2 watts
  • Input Impedance: 21.8 k ohm minimum
  • Output Impedance: 504 ohm maximum
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C to +65°C
  • Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C


  • Number of Channels: Two 2-channel half-height key phasor cards
  • I/O Module with Internal Terminations is the second type of I/O Module.

3500/25-01-02-01 FEATURES

  • Half-height height
  • There are two channels
  • Proximity Probes or Magnetic Pickups as Input Signals

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What is Bently Nevada 3500/25-01-02-01?
The 3500/25-01-02-01 Enhanced Keyphasor Module is a half-height, two-channel module that gives 3500 rack monitor modules Keyphasor signals.

What is the minimum Input impedance of the module?
21.8 k ohm is the minimum Input impedance.

What is the maximum output impedance of the module?
504 ohm is the maximum output impedance.

What is the Operating temperature of the component?
The Storage Temperature of the component ranges from -30 degrees Celsius to +65 degrees Celsius.

What is the storage temperature of the component?
The Storage Temperature of the component ranges from -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius.

What exactly is an IO module in a PLC?
The primary purpose of a PLC I/O module is to handle communication supplied to the PLC and to take commands from a processor.

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