330930-060-00-00 - 3300 NSv Standard Extension Cable

330930-060-00-00 - 3300 NSv Standard Extension Cable 330930-060-00-00 - 3300 NSv Standard Extension Cable

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Part Number: 330930-060-00-00
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Product Type: Extension Cable
Series: 3300
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United  States (USA)

330930-060-00-00 is a 3300 NSv Standard Extension Cable manufactured by Bently Nevada. The 3300 NSv proximity probe and the Proximity Sensor are connected by GE Bently Nevada 3300 NSv extension cables (integral in the 990 vibration transmitter). The cables come with a variety of connector options and come in lengths of 4.0, 4.5, 6.0, and 6.5 meters. It is crucial that the extension cable length, when added to the probe length, equals the proximity sensor length for determining cable length. Centrifugal air compressors, refrigeration compressors, process gas compressors, and other devices with stringent installation requirements are among the machinery that the 3300 XL NSv Proximity Transducer system is designed for use with.

3300 XL NSv Proximity Transducer System components

The components of the 3300 XL NSv Proximity Transducer System are:

  • a 3300 NSv probe
  • a 3300 NSv extension cable
  • a 3300 XL NSv Proximitor Sensor.1


The 3300 XL NSv Transducer System is primarily used in locations where regular Bently Nevada 3300 and 3300 XL 5 and 8 mm Transducer Systems cannot be used due to counterbore, side view, or rearview constraints. It is also perfect for applications involving small targets, including monitoring radial vibration on shafts under 51 mm (2 in) or axial position on flat targets under 15 mm (0.6 in). When a tiny shaft or restricted side view is present, it is generally employed in the following applications on fluid-film bearing machines:

  1. Measurements of radial position and vibration
  2. Measurements of axial (thrust) location
  3. Measurements from a tachometer and zero speed
  4. Signals used as phase reference (Keyphasor)

330930-060-00-00 Features

  • The prior 3300 RAM proximity probe and extension cable from Bently Nevada are mechanically and electrically interchangeable with the 3300 NSv probe and cable. The NSv probe can be used in many process compressor applications since it has more chemical resistance than the 3300 RAM probe. When gapping the 3300 NSv probe at the same distance from the probe target as the 3000-series 190 probe, the side-view characteristics of the 3300 NSv probe are likewise better.
  • The armored and unarmored 14 -28, 38 -24, M8 X 1, and M10 X 1 probe threads are among the different probe case configurations available for the 3300 NSv probe. Either 38 -24 or M10 X 1 threads are standard on the reverse mount 3300 NSv probe.
  • The ClickLoc connectors used throughout the transducer system are made of gold-plated brass. Connectors with a ClickLoc lock secure the connection and stop it from slipping. The probe tip and body are securely attached thanks to the proprietary TipLoc molding process.
  • The proprietary CableLoc design by Bently Nevada firmly fastens the probe cable to the probe tip while offering 220 N (50 lb) of pull force. Both the cable-to-proximity sensor connection and the connection between the probe and the extension cable should be protected by connectors.

330930-060-00-00 Characteristics

  • Cable Length: 6.0 metres (19.7 feet)
  • Connector and Cable Option: Without stainless steel armor
  • Agency Approval Option: Not Required


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What is 330930-060-00-00?
330930-060-00-00 is a 3300 NSv Standard Extension Cable manufactured by Bently Nevada.

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