323A2374P3 - Display Mini-Termina

323A2374P3 - Display Mini-Termina 323A2374P3 - Display Mini-Termina

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Part Number: 323A2374P3
SKU: 323A2374P3
Series: Mark V
Product Type: Industrial Control System
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Availability: In Stock

323A2374P3 is a Display Mini-Terminal manufactured by General Electric as part of the Mark V Series used in gas turbine control systems. A tiny LCD keypad and screen are combined in the terminal. This serves as the system's miniature terminal and point of control. Using screw mounts and the related connector and wiring located along one long side of the display, the unit can be connected directly to a unit. A single, diminutive LCD screen with a two-line, 40-character display is used in the 323A2374P3 display. The front panel contains four lines of touch-sensitive membrane switches underneath this display. The shift key, which is placed in the bottom left corner of the device, can be used to access the additional functions of these keys, which each have many uses. F1 through F20 keys, scroll up and down, numeric keys, more, less, and raise/lower keys are all included on the panel.

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What is GE Mark V 323A2374P3?

323A2374P3 is a Display Mini-Terminal without overlay developed by General Electric and used in gas turbine control systems.

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WOC Quality Control has verified that these products are genuine OEM Units acquired through OEM or independent third-party channels.

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