PWB218A9392G1 - Printed Circuit Board

PWB218A9392G1 - Printed Circuit Board PWB218A9392G1 - Printed Circuit Board

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Part No.: PWB218A9392G1
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Product Type: PCB
Series: Mark I & II

PWB218A9392G1 is a PCB developed by GE under Mark I & II series. General Electric developed these series for steam or gas turbine management in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Both systems have accumulated millions of hours of operating experience as remote utility peaking gas turbines, base-loaded industrial generator drives, pipeline pumping stations, offshore platform marine drives, and other utility, process, and combined cycle machines over the last forty-five years.


  • The Speedtronic control system was designed with the goal of minimizing machine shutdowns caused by control system failures. As a result, a high level of redundancy has been used to improve running reliability.
  • In general, the failure of one of the redundant systems will result in an announcement, but the unit will continue to operate. Furthermore, in situations where full redundancy is not feasible, one functional system serves as a backup for others. For example, if the speed control fails, the temperature control will take over control of the turbine. The primary goal in the control's design has been to keep the turbine running in the event of a control failure, recognizing that process interruption and shutdowns can be costly.
  • The fundamental concept in turbine control is that of a speed governor that commands the fuel control to provide proper fuel flow to the turbine. The speed control is implemented using a minimum-value gate and inputs from the temperature limit and the startup schedule so that the gate's output.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is PWB218A9392G1?
PWB218A9392G1 is a PCB developed by GE.

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