PWB194A3396G1 - Jumper Card

PWB194A3396G1 - Jumper Card PWB194A3396G1 - Jumper Card

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Part Number: PWB194A3396G1
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)
Series: Mark I or II
Function: Jumper Card

PWB194A3396G1 is a Jumper Card manufactured by GE. It is a part of Mark I or II series. The Mark I and Mark II product lines were among the first GE (General Electric) Gas Turbine Control Systems. The Mark I and Mark II series, once cutting-edge technology with a massive global installed customer base, are now rarely used in live applications. As with all of the obsolete and legacy product lines listed on our website, we intend to stock and market these boards until the last of these systems are decommissioned.

Ground Fault detection

  • The MARKII control system has three potential ground fault sources: 'Ground Fault,' '125VDC Ground Fault,' and 'Thermocouple Ground Fault.' For the past seven years, the 'Speedtronic Ground Fault' and '125VDC Ground Fault' have hampered the turbine's smooth operation and functioning.
  • The most recent trip of TG701 occurred in September 2009, just one month before the turnaround, as a direct result of a '125VDC Ground Fault.' Ground faults are extremely hazardous to all electrical and electronic systems. Aside from outages, they can cause sparking and hardware damage.
  • When one of the two poles, positive or negative, is grounded, a ground fault is signaled. The fault should be addressed as soon as possible because grounding of the second pole will cause sparking and tripping of the machine.

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What is PWB194A3396G1?
PWB194A3396G1 is a Relay Output Board manufactured by GE.

How to obtain this Relay Output Board?
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