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PCI20-CXB - Network Interface Module

PCI20-CXB - Network Interface Module PCI20-CXB - Network Interface Module

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Part No.: PCI20-CXB
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Network Interface Module
Series: Mark V

PCI20-CXB is a network interface module under the PCI20 Series. The network interface modules (NIMs) in the PCI20 Series connect ARCNET to PCI bus PCs. The PCI bus's fast performance enables jumperless configuration or plug-and-play operation.

  • The PCI20 uses the newer COM20020 ARCNET controller chip, which has more functionality than previous generations of ARCNET processors. Command chaining and an internal 2K x 8 RAM buffer are two new performance and integration features. Waiting-state arbitration is not required.
  • On the PCB of each PCI20 module, there are two LEDs. The green LED shows that the module is transmitting data over the network, while the yellow LED indicates that the module has bus access. The PCI20 also includes an external DIP switch, allowing node addresses to be quickly switched without having to remove the module.
  • There are several variants of the PCI20 ARCNET NIM. The PCI20-CXS is compatible with coaxial star topologies that require external active or passive hubs. The PCI20-CXB offers coaxial bus configurations that typically do not require hubs. The PCI20-FOG, for example, supports fiber optic cable with either ST or SMA connections.
  • Twisted-pair bus wiring with RJ-45 connections is supported by the PCI20-TB5. Some versions allow EIA-485 connectivity, including RJ-45 and screw terminal connectors.


  • Operating temperature:0°C to +60°C
  • Dimensions: 107mm x 140mm
  • 1/0 Mapping: Need 16 bytes of 1/O space (for COM20020 controller)
  • Interrupt Lines: PCI INTA supported
  • Compatibility: PC120 series NIMS are compliant with ANSI/ATA 878.1 and PCI bus computers.
  • Regulatory Compliance: CE Mark, FCC Part 15 Class A


The PC120 is compatible with any PCI bus-compliant computer bus. Remove the computer's cover while the power is turned off, exposing the motherboard and expansion slots. When installing the PC120, take care because both it and the exposed computer motherboard are susceptible to electrostatic discharge. To avoid unintended damage, discharge yourself by touching the metal case of the internal power supply before removing the PC120 from its protective ESD container. Remove the computer's backplate adjacent to the selected slot.

Software Drivers

Unlike ISA bus computers, PCI bus computers have their resources often assigned by the operating system. The PC120 requires a 16-byte I/O range and one interrupt line for the COM20020 ARCNET controller. Depending on the sophistication of the software driver, the PC1201 assignment may be performed automatically by the driver with minimal human intervention. This is referred to as Plug and Play operation.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is PCI20-CXB?
PCI20-CXB is a network interface module under the PCI20 Series.

What is the operating temperature of the module?
The operating temperature is between 0 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius.

How to Obtain PCI20-CXB?
World of Controls provides the PCI20-CXB as well as other turbine control products. Contact WOC.