NP104X905BA603 - Operator Control Keypad

NP104X905BA603 - Operator Control Keypad NP104X905BA603 - Operator Control Keypad

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Part Number: NP104X905BA603
Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
Condition: New in Stock
Availability: In Stock
Series: Mark V
Country of Origin: United States(USA)

NP104X905BA603 is an Operator Control Keypad manufactured by General Electric. The screen files produced by the OptiSCREEN program are stored in the OIT, an intelligent terminal. Additionally, BASIC programs created by the OptiBASIC utility can be stored and run on the OIT with OptiBASIC. The OIT is perfect for usage on factory floors because it is made to NEMA 4 and NEMA 12 requirements. The ANSI X3.64, VT-100, or VT-52 escape sequences are used by the OIT during operation. This means that many terminals, like the DEC VT-100 and VT-220, which also use these escape sequences, can be replaced by the OIT.

NP104X905BA603 Features

  • The IBM-compatible PC, color monitor, keyboard, cursor positioning tool (either touch screen and/or trackball or mouse), and printer make up the Mark V system's main operator interface.
  • The unit can be started or stopped, loaded or unloaded, alarms managed and logged, and unit operation is monitored using commands sent through the operator interface. The operator interface does not protect or control the unit, with the exception of the Plant Load Control option.
    Through the use of a coaxial cable and ARCNET Local Area Network (LAN) communication, the operator interfaces are linked to one or more Mark V panels. The Stage Link refers to the connection between the Mark V control panel(s) and the operator interfaces.
  • To accommodate long distances between the operator interface computers and the turbine control panel, the Stage Link in some cases may include fiber optic cables and repeaters. Using programs installed on the interface computer, the operator interface can also be used to configure or modify the Mark V's control, protection, monitoring, and logging features. These functions can only be modified or configured with a password.
  • The interface has options for different monitor sizes, color printers, laser printers, and alarm horns that can be heard.
  • The host computer (PLC) will provide dynamic (changing) data to the OIT, which will then show it on the screen in a user-programmed screen format. This format, which is produced using the OptiSCREEN Editor, often changes less frequently than the dynamic data from the PLC. By pushing keys on the keyboard, the operator can input data and command the PLC to take action.


  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 13 x 13.6 cm
  • Weight: 0.34 kg

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What is GE Fanuc NP104X905BA603?

NP104X905BA603 is an Operator Control Keypad the screen files produced by the OptiSCREEN program are stored in the OIT, an intelligent terminal.

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