IS420ESWBH4A - Ethernet IONet Switch

IS420ESWBH4A - Ethernet IONet Switch IS420ESWBH4A - Ethernet IONet Switch

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Part No.: IS420ESWBH4A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: IONet Switch
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Series: Mark VIeS

IS420ESWBH4A is an ethernet IONet Switch designed and developed by GE. It is developed under Mark VIeS control system. A 100Base-LX10 fiber port is available on this switch. Depending on whether it is a new or replacement application, the switch can be panel-mounted or DIN-rail mounted.


  • It is the fourth version of General Electric's ESWB IONet Switch pack for the Mark VIe/VIeS system. This ESWB pack has a single 100Base-LX10 single-mode fiber port with an LC connector. It requires an additional IR SFP, single-mode transducer from GE as a single-mode fiber port pack. The ability to pause flow control is a key feature of this pack; flow control is used between switches and uses IEEE to receive and honor pause packets sent to the pack; please note that the pause packet will only be sent if flow control is required on one of the ports.
  • This pack necessitates both high performance and high reliability. To accomplish this, the pack will exceed four million hours MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) at around 95 degrees Fahrenheit and will operate in a fixed ground controlled environment. When operating at high reliability, specific performance criteria such as inrush current, switch latency, and switch architecture are required. The inrush current is used to provide a soft start; when this happens, the current is limited to less than 200 percent of the standard operating current.
  • During operation, LEDs will be used to indicate a variety of functions. Apart from power, the only functions on the pack are the activity and link functions. The link function has three standards; standards for the link LED are solid yellow for a 10 MB link, solid green for a 100 MB link, and if the LED is not lit, a link has not been detected. There are only two options for the activity LED: flashing yellow indicates that the activity is performing at half duplex, and flashing green indicates that the activity is performing at full duplex.


  • Life-cycle Status: Active
  • Copper Ports: 8 ports, 10/100Base-TX copper, RJ-45
  • Fiber Ports: 1 port 100Base-LX10, -mode fiber,LC-type connection
  • G3 Compliant: Yes
  • Ambient Operational Temperature: -40 to 70 degrees Celsius
  • Storage Temperature -40 to 85 degrees Celsius
  • Mounting Method: DIN-rail mounted with separately purchased mounting clip

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS420ESWBH4A?
It is an ethernet IONet Switch designed and developed by GE

How many Copper Ports does the device have?
The device has 8 Copper Ports.

What is the speed and type of the Copper Ports?
The Copper Ports are 10/100Base-TX and have an RJ-45 connection.

How many Fiber Ports does the device have?
The device has 1 Fiber Port.

What is the speed and type of the Fiber Port?
The Fiber Port is 100Base-LX10 and has a single-mode fiber LC-type connection.