IS415UCVHH1A - VME Innovation Series Controller

IS415UCVHH1A - VME Innovation Series Controller IS415UCVHH1A - VME Innovation Series Controller

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Part Number: IS415UCVHH1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Controller Board
Series: Mark VIe
Number of Channels: 6
Power Supplies: 200-250Vac
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 70°C
Operating System: QNX
Microprocessor: Intel Ultra Low Voltage Celeron 650 MHz
Memory: 128 MB SDRAM
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 2.00 lbs
Size: 3.4 in x 6.37 in
Country of Origin: USA
Manual: GEH-6421 M


IS415UCVHH1A is a Controller Board manufactured and designed by General Electric. It is a part of Mark VIe Series innovation series VME platforms used in gas turbine control systems. The single board computer (SBC) known as the Mark VIe UCVH controller, which is 6U high, operates the turbine application code. The controller connects to the turbine I/O boards through the VME bus and mounts on a VME rack referred to as the control module. QNX, a real-time, multitasking OS created for industrial applications requiring great speed and reliability, serves as the controller operating system. The following connectivity to operator and engineering interfaces is provided through three communication ports:

  • Ethernet connections to the UDH for HMI and other control equipment communication.
  • RS-232C setup connection through the COM1 port.
  • RS-232C connection for COM2 port-based communication with distributed control systems (DCS).


  • The controller has software that is specifically designed for use with steam, gas, land-marine derivative (LM), or balance of plant (BOP), goods. Assuming a normal collection of blocks of average size, it can execute up to 100,000 rungs or blocks every second.
  • The controller is able to synchronize to the VCMI communication board's clock within 100 microseconds thanks to an external clock interrupt.
  • The VCMI communication board uses the VME bus to send and receive external data to and from the control system database (CSDB) in the controller.
  • The process inputs and outputs from the I/O boards make up the data in a simplex system. The inputs from the input boards, singular inputs from simplex boards, computed outputs to be voted by the output hardware, and the internal state values that need to be exchanged between the controllers make up the data in a TMR system.


  • The controller and a VCMI are the two components that make up a control module.
  • The GE Fanuc integrator's rack displayed in the following picture as well as the two sizes of Mark VIe racks illustrated in the section titled "VCMI - Bus Master Controller" are examples of the three rack types that can be employed. Only standalone modules with remote I/O are used in the shorter GE Fanuc rack. Longer Mark VIe racks that support both local and remote I/O are available.
  • A cooling fan is positioned above or below the controller depending on which rack is being utilized. A VDSK board is also necessary for the stand-alone control module used with a GE Fanuc integrator's rack in order to provide fan power and identify the rack through an ID connection.

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What is IS415UCVHH1A?
IS415UCVHH1A is a Controller Board manufactured and designed by General Electric

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