IC660ELB912F - Micro GENI Network Interface Board

IC660ELB912F - Micro GENI Network Interface Board IC660ELB912F - Micro GENI Network Interface Board

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Part Number: IC660ELB912F
Manufacturer: General Electric
Function: Network Interface Board
Series: Mark II
Operating temperature: 0 to +65°C
Weight: 2 lbs
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: USA


IC660ELB912F is a Micro GENI Network Interface Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark II Series used in GE Speedtronic turbine control systems. It is intended to function as a daughterboard in the user's microprocessor system. Users can connect the GENI and the motherboard in any CPU-type device capable of reading from and writing to the general-purpose shared RAM on the GENI. The host refers to this machine. The RAM interface is simple to adapt to a variety of other CPU types, despite being intended for the IBM personal computer bus. The GENI essentially frees up the host by managing all data exchanges between the host and the Genius I/O bus. As a result, the host can manage distant I/O. It accomplishes this by utilizing Genius I/excellent O's reliability and noise immunity characteristics. The host can also communicate with other hosts using the Genius LAN's communication facilities.

The GENI exchanges data via dual port RAM. This is carried out by the management microprocessor, the 64180, and the 6303 processor. The dual port RAM makes sure that each CPU has equal access because the two operate two distinct systems. This is managed by a GAL, which transfers memory to either CPU bit-by-bit. Additionally, the 64180 has its own 8Kb of RAM for exclusive use. Genius Performs Well in Both High- and Low-Density I/O Environments - VersaMax, Field Controls, and many other GE Fanuc I/O devices, including Genius I/O blocks, can all be integrated into a single Genius LAN. Users can deploy the most effective mix of high-density and low-density distributed I/O for their application thanks to this flexibility.

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