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Part No.: DS3820PSLB
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Power supply module
Series: Mark IV

DS3820PSLB is a GE Power Supply Module under the Mark IV series. This module converts AC power into DC (direct current), which the system's internal components can use. These modules are also used to condition outputs to remove noise and spikes, as well as to provide downline component protection via the power supply's fuses and other voltage regulating components. WOC can deliver the Mark IV as a fully reconditioned and tested unit because it is no longer manufactured by General Electric.

  • An external shell with a primary tower and a right-angled armature make up the PCB. Multiple internal circuit boards and components are fastened (usually) to the sides of the casing or to other board components using screw mounts.
  • To allow for ventilation, the device is open on more than one side. Terminal strips, potentiometers, capacitors, resistors, heat sinks, and transformers are among the internal components. To provide communication between all elements of the unit, surface wires with terminal loops or other connectors are used.
  • A two-pole on/off switch and two terminal strips are located on one external facing of the board. They're hidden beneath a hinged external casing. An external circuit board is put in an open panel on the side that is ninety degrees from the switch. Eight female plugs, a transformer, and two potentiometers are on this circuit board.

Please inquire with one of our sales associates about the availability of liquidated, never-used surplus models, which we occasionally have on hand. World of Controls has the most comprehensive selection of GE Speedtronic Mark IV control components. At any time, our experts are accessible to help you with your Mark IV obligations. Please contact WOC as soon as possible if you require any extra information.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS3820PSLB?
DS3820PSLB is a GE Power Supply Module under the Mark IV series.

How to Obtain DS3820PSLB?
World of Controls provides DS3820PSLB as well as other turbine control products. Contact WOC.