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DS3820PSLA1A - Power supply module

DS3820PSLA1A - Power supply module DS3820PSLA1A - Power supply module

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Part No.: DS3820PSLA1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Power supply module
Series: Mark IV

DS3820PSLA1A is a Power Supply Module developed by General Electric under the Speedtronic series of components. The Power Supply Module transforms alternating (AC) power into usable DC (direct current) power, allowing the system to function effectively. The power supply can also condition outputs to eliminate noise and spikes, as well as give protection to downstream components via fuses and other components.

  • An external metal case protects the internal circuit boards and components of the module. The case has a right-hand arm and is designed as a vertical casing. The top of this case is open to allow internal components to cool. Smaller apertures in the case allow cables to pass between internal and external components.
  • One side of the component features an externally placed circuit board. Two lines of four female connectors are used to populate this board. It also features a transformer and two potentiometers. Two terminal strips and an on/off switch are populated on the board's external face, which is 90 degrees from the board.
  • Connectors, transformers, potentiometers, diodes, resistors, transistors, capacitors, and heat sinks are installed on internal boards in the board. Several other components are not mounted to the board surfaces inside.
  • Please refer to technical support documents such as user guides or manuals from General Electric for a detailed description of the equipment as well as details on proper handling or installation or contact our experienced engineers.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS3820PSLA1A?
DS3820PSLA1A is a Power Supply Module developed by General Electric under the Speedtronic series of components.

How to Obtain DS3820PSLA1A?
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