DS3820PSCB1A - Power Supply Board

DS3820PSCB1A - Power Supply Board DS3820PSCB1A - Power Supply Board

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Part No: DS3820PSCB1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Function: Power Supply Board
Series: Mark IV
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)

DS3820PSCB1A is a Power Supply Board manufactured and designed by General Electric. The component is a +5, +15 and -15 VDC Power Supply component.


  • It consists of several MarkIV series boards housed in a rectangular metal housing with multiple cutouts. These cutouts are intended to allow technicians access to the internal circuit boards while also allowing for air circulation and heat dissipation.
  • The frame has been drilled at several locations to allow for the installation of PCBs or other components. Several flanges have slots, holes, and screw mounts to allow the module to be mounted to other modules. One four-pin female connector, one circuit breaker, and one fuse are located on the frame's top.
  • The frame's edge is labeled 'enable/disable.' This symbol represents a toggle switch mounted on an interior PCB.
  • All components are oriented downward on the bottom horizontal board.
    One board is attached to the outside of the housing. There is one 6-pin male header and eight 12-pin female connectors on this board. Metal screws mounted through factory drilled holes hold it to the housing.
    The majority of the wires have been gathered and clipped together with cable ties. Many have been labeled and marked with information about the components or boards to which they connect.

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What is DS3820PSCB1A?
DS3820PSCB1A is a Power Supply Board manufactured and designed by General Electric.

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