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Part No.: DS3820MAUC
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Circuit Board
Series: Mark IV

DS3820MAUC is a printed circuit board developed by General Electric. It is a part of the Mark IV series. This system is designed to control gas and steam turbines, and it is based on integrated microcomputers that monitor the turbine system 24 hours a day, protecting it from problems like fire, vibration, overspeeding, and flame loss. The startup, speed control, control sequencing, and shutdown can all be automated using the Mark IV.

  • The DS3820MAUC is a version of the DS3800HRPB that has been modified. There have been several changes made. Installation of a top hat mounting plate with two slots cut onto each short end is one of them. Screws are inserted into factory drilled holes in each top corner of the board and at each bottom corner to secure the mounting plate to the PCB.
  • Vertical spacer pins are also supported in these places, which are used to connect a plexiglass shield. Another addition is the plexiglass shield. At the center of the board, fifth support is added. The addition of a cable connector bar is the final modification to the board. Eight cables can be connected to this bar via eight circular cable connections.
  • The original board has a board stiffener that runs the length of the board. There are eight toggle switches on the board, as well as a set of spare PTH. One transistor, a six-pin header, and numerous integrated circuits, including oscillation chips, are all found on the board. Ceramic-covered metal film resistors are common. On the board, there is only one thermistor. Capacitors come in a variety of materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS3820MAUC?
DS3820MAUC is a printed circuit board developed by General Electric. It is a part of Mark IV series.

How to Obtain DS3820MAUC?
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