DS3820C12A - Speedtronic PCB Module

DS3820C12A	-	Speedtronic PCB Module DS3820C12A	-	Speedtronic PCB Module

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Part No.: DS3820C12A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Thyristor Fan Out Board
Series: Mark IV

The DS3820C12A is a PCB module for the Mark IV system developed by GE.This system is part of GE's Speedtronic line, which was developed primarily for managing steam and gas turbine management systems. One of GE's earliest triple-redundant systems, the Mark IV had overlapping protections for all important controls and protective settings. The Mark IV's speed control sequencing, control, shutdown, and starts were completely automated.

  • The DS3820C12A consists of several components. The outer casing of the unit is created to serve as a current isolator box. Screws are used to secure this to a flat surface. The front of the unit opens. The part numbers and excessive voltage warnings are labeled on the front panel of the casing.
  • Wired connections can be routed into and out of the box using cutouts in the bottom edge of this enclosure. A DS3800NCIB circuit board makes up the majority of the DS3820C12A's inside. On this board, you'll find an isolation amplifier, three potentiometers, two transistors, a terminal strip with three connections, and two vertical pin male connectors.
  • The board also includes integrated circuits, quick attach screw mounts, a ribbon connector, resistors, diodes, capacitors, stab-on connectors, and a 218A4834 component. This panel is secured to the back of the external box via screws.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS3820C12A?
The DS3820C12A is a PCB Module under the Mark IV system developed by GE.

How to Obtain DS3820C12A?
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