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Part No.: DS3800NTIA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Tachometer interface board
Series: Mark IV

DS3800NTIA is a tachometer interface board for Turbine control systems developed by General Electrics. It belongs to the Mark IV line of control systems. The Mark IV is a gas/steam turbine control system that protects the turbine from problems such as fire, vibration, and over-speeding. Temperature control, control sequencing, startup, and shutdown can all be automated. In comparison to preceding Mark I and Mark II Speedtronic systems, the Mark IV improved the operator interface and expanded application versatility.

  • A single amber LED powers the board. There are eight TP test locations and two spare PTH (plated through-holes) sites. There are no through-hole components or drill points in this part of the board, which is printed with a waffle pattern.
  • The identifying number, the GE marking, and the code 6BA02 are all stamped on the PCB. For alignment purposes, one edge has the letters "A" through "J" written along it. For mounting purposes, all corners have been drilled. Extractor clips have been put in two of these. Extractors provide technicians with an optional handle, allowing them to avoid handling components if necessary. They're also made to act as a lever for removing the board from its frame.
  • There is only one PCB mating connector. This is a female mating connection with a right angle. There are two jumper switches and one transistor on the board.
  • A heat sink is attached to the transistor. On the board's surface are four nylon vertical spacer pins. A single resistor network array is used. Metal film resistors are common on the PCB.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS3800NTIA?
DS3800NTIA is a tachometer interface board for Turbine control systems developed by General Electrics.

How to Obtain DS3800NTIA?
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