DS3800NTCF1A - Thermocouple Condition Board

DS3800NTCF1A - Thermocouple Condition Board DS3800NTCF1A - Thermocouple Condition Board

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Part No.: DS3800NTCF1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)
Product Type: Thermocouple Condition Board
Series: Mark IV

DS3800NTCF1A is a Thermocouple Condition Board developed by General Electric.It's from the Mark IV series.The temperature of the Mark IV system is maintained by using feedback from thirteen thermocouple cards. The goal of this feedback loop is to keep the firing temperature constant while reducing fuel flow to keep the turbine from overheating. Deviation of even one card can result in a bias in the entire system, so it is critical that all thermocouple cards in the system remain in good working order. Poor statistical input can cause engine and/or combustor problems.

DS3800NTCF1A Features

  • The NTCF1A1A has two PCB connectors. One of them is labeled 218A4637-P4 8933. The other bears the markings 218A4553-1 A/mp 533002-1 8931.
  • Seven test points, five jumpers, four rotary potentiometers, and a single resistor network array are included. Voltage division can be accomplished using both resistor networks and rotary potentiometers.
    Extractor/installer clips are inserted in the right corners of NTCF1A. These nylon clips aid in the installation and removal of the board. Technicians may use these clips as handles during installation to avoid handling components. The clips act as a lever point during extraction, allowing technicians to pull the board from a tight-seated position.
  • These circuits include hex inverting gates with six independent gates that perform the logic INVERT function, as well as octal buffers and line drivers with three-state outputs and 400-mV noise margin.
  • Carbon composite (CCR) and ceramic-covered metal film resistors are used in its construction. Ceramic, polyester film, and other materials can be used to make capacitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DS3800NTCF1A?
DS3800NTCF1A is a Thermocouple Condition Board developed by General Electric.

How to Obtain this Thermocouple Condition Board?
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