DS3800NTBG - Card

DS3800NTBG	-	Card DS3800NTBG	-	Card

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Part Number: DS3800NTBG
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Function: Printed Circuit Board

The GE DS3800NTBG is a printed circuit board. It is a GE PCB for the Mark IV system. The series was designed for gas/steam turbine control and was built with integrated platforms that were controlled by microprocessors.

  • It is not designated as a thermocouple card, but it is constructed with two large thermocouple components that take up the majority of its surface. The MKIV system is designed to run with a large number of thermocouple cards, all of which report their calculated values. These assessments are used by the integrated microprocessors to determine how to limit fuel for the turbine. As a result, it is critical that each of these cards remain in excellent working order, as deviations from a single card can result in a bias in the final assessment, which may result in a statistical loss of input or potentially serious engine problems.
  • Each corner of this board is drilled twice. Screws were inserted into each corner via vertical spacers located beneath the printed circuit board. These are connected to a DIN mounting plate. The board is printed with a waffle pattern, and no components or screw mounts are drilled through it.
  • Two thermocouple components are located on the surface of the circuit board. It has three vertical pin mating connectors on the board's top middle edge. Three lines of capacitors run down the center of the board. Two downward-facing flanges are located on the DIN mounting plate beneath the DS3800NTBG. Several screw mounts have been drilled along the plate's edges. The plate has a single upward-facing flange with several screw holes drilled through it. A row of quick-connect screw mounts runs along the top edge of this flange.

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What is DS3800NTBG?
The GE DS3800NTBG is a printed circuit board under Mark IV system

How to Obtain DS3800NTBG?
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