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Part Number: DS3800NSFC1J
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Function: Proximate Interface

GE Speedtronic Mark IV DS3800NSFC1J is a System Firing Board and it's a part of the Mark IV Series. It's built to take a small auxiliary card (DS3800DSFC) that allows the motherboard access to an additional potentiometer when attached. The auxiliary connects by two board-to-board pins and is secured in place. Four nylon pins already affixed to the DS3800NSFC1J surface sustain it. One light-emitting diode, branded "IMOK," is included in the DS3800NSFC1J. This LED is amber in color.

  • There are twelve test points on the board, as well as two PCB mating connectors. 218A4637-P4 9707 is the marking on one of these connectors, which is a right-angled male connector. The other connector, which is similarly a right-angled connector, is found on the board's left edge.
  • Near the top edge of the DS3800NSFC1J is a row of spare PTH. It has nine transistors, one multi-positional jumper switch, and five resistor network arrays. For voltage division, resistor arrays can be employed. There are twenty-eight circuits in the DS3800NSFC1J.
  • Oscillators, hex inverters, octal d-type transparent latches, and quad 2-input positive NAND buffers are all examples of this. WOC has the largest stock of Speedtronic Mark IV control spares and we can repair your faulty DS3800NSFC1J with a warranty of 12 months.
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What is a NAND buffer, and how does it work?

A digital buffer is a circuit element that separates the input from the output. The output state of the buffer is identical to the input state. The input impedance of the buffer is very high. To avoid disrupting the input circuit, it draws very little current.

What is the total number of circuits on this DS3800NSFC1J board?

This circuit board contains twenty-eight circuits.

Does the DS3800NSFC1J have a Warranty?

WOC can also supply UNUSED and REBUILT DS3800NSFC1J backed up with a warranty of 24 months.