DS3800NSCE - Speed Current Regulator Board

DS3800NSCE - Speed Current Regulator Board DS3800NSCE - Speed Current Regulator Board

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Part Number: DS3800NSCE
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Function: Speed Current Regulator Board
Product Type: PCB
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacturer: United States (USA)

Functional Description

DS3800NSCE is a Speed Current Regulator Board developed by GE under Mark IV system. Despite the series being outdated, the GE General Electric Speedtronic Mark IV Gas Turbine Control System remains an enduring and trustworthy solution. This series boasts a resilient and reliable control system that aligns seamlessly with its intended applications. If you're in pursuit of a proven, dependable product that's prepared for immediate dispatch, your search concludes with our comprehensive inventory.


  • The board's interior posses two distinct communication conduits, each bearing unique significance. A twenty-pin male vertical connector, christened as JA, facilitates the exchange of information vital for the turbine. Akin to a digital synapse, this interface orchestrates the ebb and flow of data. Opposite this, a twelve-pin female connector, denoted as JM, presents a delicate grid a canvas for connectivity that is finely woven to transmit signals with utmost fidelity.
  • Positioned alongside these communication channels are nodes of utility. A solitary TP (test point) beckons to the curious mind, inviting the probing touch of diagnostics. Adjacent to it, a connector point, succinctly labeled as J1, awaits the companionship of cables, an embodiment of connection waiting to be forged. Potentiometers takes center stage, each poised to delicately tweak the harmonious resonance of circuits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DS3800NSCE?
It is a Speed Current Regulator Board under the GE Mark IV system.

What is the purpose of the Operator Interface module in the Mark IV Speedtronic system?
The Operator Interface module serves as a communication hub between operators and the turbine system. It allows operators to input commands, receive information, and monitor the system's performance.

What input methods does the Operator Interface module offer?
The Operator Interface module includes membrane switches that provide a tactile interface for operators to input commands and configure settings.

Is there an emergency stop feature on the Operator Interface module?
Yes, the module is equipped with an emergency stop pushbutton that provides a quick and immediate way to halt the turbine system's operations in critical situations.