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Part No.: DS3800NRMA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Regulator Monitor Board
Series: Mark IV

DS3800NRMA is a Regulator Monitor Board developed by GE under the Mark IV series. GE designed this PCB for the Mark IV. The Mark IV was designed for gas/steam turbine management and is comprised of many interconnected microcomputers that continuously monitor the turbine system for issues such as loss of flame, vibration, and fire, and then make necessary adjustments to protect and keep the turbine functioning. The Mark IV can also be utilized to automate operations like speed control and control sequencing.

  • In order to build the DS3800NRMA, two PCB mating connectors are used. A right-angled female connector is on the left edge, and a 17-pin right-angled male connector is parallel to the right edge. The second connector is planned to sit above the board's surface and connect to another board that will sit over the edge. The board also includes a four-by-six Augat plug.
  • On the PCB, there are twelve TP test points. The number 6BA04 is written on it. Triangles and letters may be found on one edge, and each corner has been drilled. Extractor clips were put in two of them. Two board stiffeners are installed along the board's long edges.
    Board stiffeners prevent flexibility and the possibility of a cracked or damaged PCB. The Board has five amber LEDs and three red LEDs.
  • On the circuit board, there are eighteen transistors. There are twenty-one circuits on the board. There are multiple lines of metal film resistors and polyester vinyl capacitors on this board. For the card, GE provided technical support.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS3800NRMA?
DS3800NRMA is a Regulator Monitor Board developed by GE under the Mark IV series.

How to Obtain DS3800NRMA?
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