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DS3800NPSV - Power Supply Module

DS3800NPSV - Power Supply Module DS3800NPSV - Power Supply Module

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Part Number: DS3800NPSV
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Product type: Power Supply Module
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

DS3800NPSV is a power supply module designed and developed by GE. It is a part of the Mark IV control system.

System Overview

  • Manufacturing cost and panel size were designed constraints. Because the computing power required was greatly increased when compared to a non-redundant control, it was critical to find a new approach to lowering manufacturing costs. This was achieved by meticulously modularizing the hardware so that a single basic control panel could cover all turbine types and applications. The module was created for automated manufacturing and testing.
  • Despite the addition of electronic functions, calculations indicate that the failure rate should be lower than in previous controls.
  • Because of the fault tolerant design, only one out of every ten of these failures should result in a forced outage. The membrane switch and CRT display significantly simplify the panel front while providing more information to the operator.
  • The most difficult engineering challenge was software. Not only must the software be able to accommodate the many different types of controls, but it must also be able to diagnose faults while on-line and, after a repair, reinitialize and recover so that the repaired section can be returned to service with no significant change in the turbine operating point.

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What is DS3800NPSV?
It is a power supply module designed and developed by GE

What is the purpose of the orange LED on NPSV?
The orange LED is an indicator that lights up when the circuit board is in operation.