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Part Number: DS3800NPSE
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Function: Power Supply Board

The GE board DS3800NPSE is a Power Supply Board for Mark IV control system. The Mark IV system is used to manage and automate gas and steam turbine operations. The Mark IV is one of several Mark systems in the series.

  • The circuit board includes a wide range of electronic circuit components. The board's most visible components are the thirty-eight yellow capacitors. 36 of these capacitors are medium-sized. They are arranged in rows near the circuit board's center. Another medium-sized capacitor can be found near the upper right corner. The final yellow capacitor is located near the bottom edge.
  • On the circuit board, in addition to the yellow capacitors, there are several silver capacitors. These capacitors are a little smaller than the yellow ones. These silver capacitors are arranged closely together at the top of the board’s center. Small resistors are tucked between these capacitors. These resistors have a light blue color to them. They are surrounded by various colored bands.
  • Three blue potentiometers are also located among these components. Potentiometers are also referred to as variable resistors. This is due to the fact that each device has a small dial that can be used to adjust the device's resistance. A large metal diode is also located near the top right corner of the DS3800NPSE. This diode is wire-attached to the board's surface.

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What is DS3800NPSE?
The GE board DS3800NPSE is a Power Supply Board for Mark IV control system

How to Obtain DS3800NPSE?
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