DS3800NOAA1F - OP Amplifier Card

DS3800NOAA1F - OP Amplifier Card DS3800NOAA1F - OP Amplifier Card

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Part Number: DS3800NOAA1F
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacturer: United States(USA)
Series: Mark IV
Function: OP Amplifier Card

DS3800NOAA1F is a OP Amplifier Card developed by GE. NOAA has one extractor clip in each of the board's four corners. Extractors aid in the insertion and extraction of PCBs, particularly in tight spaces; the clips provide technicians with a lever point or a handle to grab onto rather than the board itself. The NOAA's upper edge is marked for alignment, and each corner has been factory-drilled.

DS3800NOAA1F Features

  • The component serves as the motherboard for the auxiliary DOAA. This optional auxiliary board expands the NOAA1F's capacity with multiple potentiometers and quick-connect screw mounts. It is held together and connected by twenty-nine board-to-board connector pins.
  • It has one PCB mating connector on the left edge. This plug is labeled 218A4553-AMP 102041.
  • The board is comprised of one amber LED, thirteen test points, a single transistor, and various resistors, capacitors, and diodes. It has six integrated circuits, including quad comparators with low offset voltage and dual operational amplifiers.
  • GE provided all technical support for the Mark IV series, including publications such as datasheets and manuals. These publications can be excellent sources of installation, repair, and maintenance information for the end user.

Mark IV software

The communications, sequencing, and control task completes all major turbine actions. These are as follows:

  1. Read messages from other controllers
  2. Read inputs
  3. Execute sequencing
  4. Execute "continuous" control functions
  5. Write outputs
  6. Send messages to other controllers

This task is in charge of communicating controller data to the communicator, as well as communicator commands and data to the controllers. Furthermore, data from the three controllers is voted on before being used for display or control. The general pattern is a simple input, process, and output cycle that is repeated at a suitable rate. To provide the requested display, the display task responds to the membrane switch pushbuttons pressed by the operator. Data is read from a database, scaled to engineering units, and displayed.

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What is DS3800NOAA1F?
DS3800NOAA1F is a OP Amplifier Card developed by GE.

How can I get this Amplifier Board?
World of Controls provides NOAA boards as well as other turbine control parts. For more information contact WOC now.