DS3800NHVN - High Voltage Board

DS3800NHVN - High Voltage Board DS3800NHVN - High Voltage Board

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Part Number: DS3800NHVN
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Product Type: High Voltage Board
Number of channels: 12
Operating temperature: -45 to 55 °C
Size: 8.26 cm high x 4.18 cm
Repair: 3-7 Day
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 2 lbs
Country of Origin: United States


DS3800NHVN is a High Voltage Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark IV Series used in GE Speedtronic Gas Turbine Control Systems. In gas turbine control systems, a high-voltage board is a critical component responsible for managing the high-voltage power supply required for the ignition of the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber. The high-voltage board typically consists of a set of capacitors, transformers, and other electrical components that are used to generate and distribute the high-voltage electrical pulses required for the ignition process.

The high-voltage board is usually located near the ignition system and is connected to the gas turbine control system's main control board. When the gas turbine control system receives a signal to start the ignition process, it sends a command to the high-voltage board, which then initiates the process of charging the capacitors and generating the high-voltage pulses. It's important to note that the high-voltage board must be designed and built to withstand the harsh operating conditions of a gas turbine environment, including high temperatures, high pressures, and high levels of vibration. Additionally, the high-voltage board must be equipped with safety features such as overvoltage protection and grounding to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.


The high voltage board in gas turbine control systems typically has a number of important features, including:

High Voltage Pulse Generation: The board is designed to generate high voltage pulses, typically in the range of 15-25 kV, to ignite the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber.

Capacitor Charging Circuit: The high voltage board includes a charging circuit that charges the capacitors to the required voltage level before discharging them to generate the high voltage pulses.

Transformer and Coil Circuits: The board contains transformers and coil circuits that step up the voltage from the capacitor bank to the required ignition voltage.

Temperature and Vibration Resistance: The high voltage board must be designed to withstand the high temperatures and vibrations associated with gas turbine operation.

Reliability: The high-voltage board must be highly reliable and capable of operating continuously under harsh conditions.

Diagnostic and Monitoring Features: The high voltage board may include diagnostic and monitoring features to detect and diagnose any issues with the board, such as capacitance degradation, voltage drops, or other problems.

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What is a high-voltage board in a gas turbine control system?

A high-voltage board is a component of a gas turbine control system that is responsible for managing the high-voltage electrical signals that control various components of the gas turbine. These components can include the ignition system, fuel injection system, and other critical systems that require precise control.

What are the typical voltage levels that a high-voltage board handles?

The voltage levels can vary depending on the specific gas turbine and control system but typically range from several hundred volts up to several thousand volts.

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