DS3800NHVK1A - High Voltage Board

DS3800NHVK1A - High Voltage Board DS3800NHVK1A - High Voltage Board

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Part Number: DS3800NHVK1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Product Type: High Voltage Board
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)

DS3800NHVK1A is a High Voltage Board manufactured and designed by General Electric. The Component is a part of GE Mark IV speedtronic series. Despite the obsolescence of the series, the GE General Electric Speedtronic Mark IV Gas Turbine Control System remains a reliable solution. This series provides a strong and dependable control system that is perfectly suited to its application. Look no further than our extensive inventory for a dependable, tested product that is ready to ship.

Operator Interface

  • The Operator Interface Module is the device on the control panel that allows the operator to communicate with the gas turbine system. It is located on the front door of the Mark IV control panel.
  • The Operator Interface Module includes input devices (membrane switches and an Emergency Stop push button) for sending commands to the gas turbine control or requesting CRT displays. It also has a CRT where the operator can view all parameters related to gas turbine operation. These parameters can be displayed in both English and metric engineering units.
  • The operator can manually select and copy any display, as well as automatically log selected parameters, using a panel-mounted printer located beneath the Operator Interface Module.

Display Keypad Switches

The Display Keypad switches are used by the operator to select Data List displays or parameters that appear on the CRT. These switches are directly beneath the CRT. They have a complete set of alpha-numeric characters as well as the following auxiliary switches:

  • Space - Generates an empty character.
  • Delete - Removes a single character from the list.
  • Clears an entire character string.
  • When pressed with the switch, Shift accesses the alternate character printed at the top of the Display Keypad switch.
  • Enter - Enters typed characters into the computer to start a command.

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What is DS3800NHVK1A?
DS3800NHVK1A is a High Voltage Board manufactured and designed by General Electric

How are boards packaged for shipment from WOC?
Parts are placed in antistatic packets and securely packed in ESD boxes cushioned with ESD Foam designed to safeguard electrical components.