DS3800HUMA1A - Universal Memory Board

DS3800HUMA1A - Universal Memory Board DS3800HUMA1A - Universal Memory Board

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Part Number: DS3800HUMA1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Product Type: Universal Memory Board
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States(USA)

DS3800HUMA1A is a Universal Memory Board manufactured and designed by General Electric. It is a part of the Mark IV Series and used in Speedtronic control systems. HUMA is designed for easy installation in the drive. On one end of the board, there is a modular connector, and on the other, there are retention levers.


  • The Universal Memory Board has one reset toggle switch and one red indicator LED. The board also includes several erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM) modules and ten jumpers.
  • If the Memory Board is experiencing intermittent problems, the reset toggle switch is useful. The control signals may become out of sequence or unreadable by the board. A qualified technician may be able to solve the problem quickly by moving the toggle switch. Because using the toggle switch requires the technician to work inside the drive while it is powered on, only a qualified individual can perform the action. This can result in electric shock or burns.
  • The toggle switch suspends processing temporarily without removing power from the board. After a restart, processing resumes, allowing the signals to resume in the proper sequence.

Mark IV Historian

  • The Historian is a client-server data archival system that collects, stores, and displays data from power islands and auxiliary processes. The product can be configured for just turbine-related data or for broader applications that include balance of plant process data, depending on the needs.
  • The Historian is a sophisticated tool for investigating cause-effect relationships that combines high-resolution digital event data from the turbine controller with process analog data. The product combines OSI Software Inc.'s high-performance archive products with GE-developed data management functions for high-speed turbine event digital data.
  • Advanced data compression techniques significantly reduce the amount of data storage media required. The Historian provides a menu of predefined database query forms for typical turbine calculations and analysis. The PI-ProcessBook and PI-DataLinkTM tools are versatile, allowing the operator to quickly generate custom trends and reports from archived process data.

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What is DS3800HUMA1A?
DS3800HUMA1A is a Universal Memory Board manufactured and designed by General Electric.

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