DS3800HSCD1J - High Level Non-Isolated Input Board

DS3800HSCD1J - High Level Non-Isolated Input Board DS3800HSCD1J - High Level Non-Isolated Input Board

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Part Number: DS3800HSCD1J
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacturer: United States(USA)
Series: Mark IV
Function: High Level Non-Isolated Input Board

DS3800HSCD1J is a High Level Non-Isolated Input Board developed by GE. The GE HSCD has a modular connector on one end and retention levers on the other. The board is filled with transistor-transistor logic devices. The Input Board also has 16 red indicator LEDs and 1 amber indicator LED. There is also one socket for electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) modules on the board. The board also has three trimmer resistors.

DS3800HSCD1J Features

  • There may be trip conditions in the drive where the Board is installed. The trip conditions protect the drive by shutting it down before any components are damaged. One trip condition is overheating. If the interior of the drive becomes too hot, the drive will shut down automatically.
  • There could be several reasons for this. The drive has several air vents that must be kept clear. The interior of the drive contains many ribbon cables, and if they obstruct the air vents, heat can build up inside the drive. A trip condition can occur if enough air is blocked.
  • It is critical to resolve the issue before restarting the drive. Check the temperature of the room to see if it is too hot. Check the air vents to ensure that they allow free flow of air.
    Another trip condition is overcurrent. If the drive receives too much voltage, the components may be damaged. Overload is another trip condition.

Mark IV system Arrangement

  • RST refers to the three control sections R, S, and T, which are identical but completely independent processors. Each has inputs and outputs, as well as its own power supply.
  • C stands for communicator in the fourth section. It communicates with RST via six separate communication lines. As a result, an energetic failure in one section of RST is less likely to cause damage to another control section than if RST could communicate directly with one another.
  • The communicator also communicates with the operator via membrane switches and a CRT.
  • C communicates with remote computers in the case of remote control. Critical sensors are distributed throughout RST so that each section can independently assess turbine condition.
  • For example, thirteen exhaust thermocouples are distributed as follows: four to R, five to S, and four to T. Each of these sections sends its values to C, which computes and returns the median value to RST.
  • Thus, the turbine will be controlled to the median of thirteen thermocouples under normal conditions. If something goes wrong, each section of RST can make its own independent decision about how to limit the fuel.


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What is DS3800HSCD1J?
DS3800HSCD1J is a High Level Non-Isolated Input Board developed by GE.

How can I get this Non-Isolated Input Board?
World of Controls provides HSCD boards as well as other turbine control parts. For more information contact WOC now.