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Part Number: DS3800HPLA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Function: Panel Interface Board

The GE board DS3800HPLA is a panel interface board that belongs to the GE Mark IV series. The GE Panel Interface Board is intended for simple installation in the drive. Each corner of the board has one hole. Screws can be used to secure the board. The board is equipped with a single 40-pin connector that is embedded in the board. Three red indicator LEDs are also present on the daughter card. There are also two sockets for electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) modules, seven jumpers, and two trimmer resistors on the board. The daughter card is connected via the forty-pin connector on the GE Panel Interface Board DS3800HPLA.

  • The daughter card adds functionality to the board as well as features that are not available on the board. A 7-inch ribbon cable is attached to the daughter card. One end of the cable is permanently attached to the daughter card. The other end of the cable has a 40-pin connector.
  • You connect the connector to the circuit board. Take care not to put any strain on the ribbon cable. That is, instead of holding the daughter card and pulling the ribbon cable out of the connector, hold the daughter card and pull the ribbon cable out of the connector. Instead, hold the connector with one hand and gently pull it away from the board's connector.

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What is Mark IV DS3800HPLA?

The DS3800HPLA is a panel interface board.

How long does it take for a WOC DS3800HPLA to Ship?

WOC maintains a large inventory and can fulfill many orders on the same day. Please contact us for additional information.

Does the DS3800HPLA have a Warranty?

WOC can also supply UNUSED and REBUILT DS3800HPLA backed up with a warranty of 24 months.