DS3800HPCA - Digital Pulse Controller Board

DS3800HPCA - Digital Pulse Controller Board DS3800HPCA - Digital Pulse Controller Board

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Part No: DS3800HPCA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Function: Digital Pulse Controller Board
Series: Mark IV
Country of MManufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

DS3800HPCA is a digital pulse controller board developed by GE. It is a part of Mark IV control system. As a digital pulse controller, it is designed to generate and control precise digital pulses. The board manages and coordinates timing sequences and pulse generation in a controlled manner.


  • On one side of the board, there is a long connection terminal (female). It has five LED lights. Four of them are red and are grouped together. The fifth is an amber color that stands alone. The board contains 27 EPROMs and 6 EEPROMs. These components house the programming data.
  • While the EPROM can be reprogrammed, the EEPROM cannot. EPROMs and EEPROMs are organized into four distinct rows. A thin metal divider with eight contact points separates each row. The moduule has one edge labeled A through H, followed by a J. A triangular symbol appears between each letter.

Product Attributes

  • Pulse Generation: Capable of generating digital pulses with precise timing and characteristics. It may offer adjustable pulse width, frequency, and amplitude settings to accommodate different system requirements.
  • Timing Sequences: It provides the capability to define and sequence multiple pulses in a coordinated manner. This allows for the precise synchronization of actions within the control system, ensuring accurate and efficient operation.
  • Digital Inputs and Outputs: Includes digital input and output ports, enabling communication and integration with other components of the control system. These ports can facilitate the exchange of digital signals and trigger events based on predefined conditions or external inputs.
  • Programmability: Offer programmable features, allowing users to define and configure specific pulse generation patterns, timing sequences, and logic operations. This programmability enhances flexibility and adaptability to different control system requirements.
  • Compatibility and Communication: The board is likely designed to interface with other components of GE's control systems, supporting standard communication protocols such as Modbus, Profibus, or Ethernet. This ensures seamless integration into the broader control system infrastructure.
  • Diagnostic and Monitoring Capabilities: The board may provide diagnostic features for monitoring pulse generation and system health. This can include status indicators, error detection mechanisms, and fault reporting, which aid in troubleshooting and system maintenance.

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What is DS3800HPCA?
It is a digital pulse controller board developed by GE.

Can EPROMs and EEPROMs be reprogrammed?
EPROMs can be reprogrammed, but EEPROMs cannot.

How many LED lights are on the board?
There are five LED lights on the board. Four of them are red and grouped together, and the fifth one is an amber color and stands alone.