DS3800HNMB - Null Modem Comm Card

DS3800HNMB - Null Modem Comm Card DS3800HNMB - Null Modem Comm Card

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Part Number: DS3800HNMB
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Function: Media Access Unit

DS3800HNMB is a median access unit on the GE Speedtronic Mark IV gas turbine control. The SpeedTronic Turbine Control System board series includes the General Electric Mark IV Gas, which regulates the functions of a gas turbine or steam turbine. We keep a big stock of these outdated GE Turbine Control boards in stock and offer low-cost, high-quality replacements and repairs.

  • The main goal of Mark IV Speedtronic is to produce a tenfold increase in the meantime before a turbine forced outage is triggered by the control, which is accomplished using distributed microprocessors.
  • It accomplishes this by dividing control functions among four microcomputers: three control sections are identical, and the fourth is in charge of communications.
  • Powerful online diagnostics pinpoint the exact section that's broken, right down to the replaceable component. The gas turbine is functioning while the panels are being repaired.
  • The turbine continues to run under the direction of the remaining components when one section of the electronics fails. While the gas turbine continues to function, the failed section is diagnosed, fixed, and reinstated to service. In this approach, the system's fault tolerance is restored to its former level.
  • WOC has the best mark IV Speedtronic control spares in stock, and we will also repair damaged DS3800HNMB and other parts. WORLD OF CONTROLS may also provide unused and rebuilt parts with a warranty. Our team of professionals is always ready to assist you with your needs.

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What is DS3800HNMB?
DS3800HNMB is a median access unit on the GE Speedtronic Mark IV series.

How can we obtain DS3800HNMB?
World of Controls provides DS3800HNMB as well as other turbine control parts. Contact WOC for DS3800HNMB.