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Part Number: DS3800HLOA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Function: Logic Driver Bus Interface

The GE board DS3800HLOA is a Logic Driver Bus Interface Board that belongs to the Mark IV Series. It is preferred by the gas and steam turbines industry. The GE Logic Driver Bus Interface Board is intended for simple installation in the drive. On one end of the board, there is a modular connector, and on the other, there are retention levers. The Interface Board also has 16 red and 1 amber indicator LED that is visible from the front of the board. There are also 8 jumpers and 1 erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM) module on the board. If you discover that 1 Interface Board is faulty, you can easily replace it with a new board.

  • This is due, in part, to the modular connector on the board's backside. On the back of the board rack, there is a matching connector for the drive. The two modular connectors come together when you slide the board into the rack.
  • They are built in such a way that when one slides into the other, electrical and signal connections are made, allowing the board to function. The retention levers on the opposite end of the board are another usability feature.
  • The modular connectors attach and the retention levers align with the board rack as you slide the board into the rack. To lock the board in the drive, press down on the levers. This also secures the modular connectors while ensuring power and signal connectivity.

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What is Mark IV DS3800HLOA?

The DS3800HLOA is a Logic Driver Bus Interface Board designed for quick installation in the drive.

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