DS3800HLIA1A - Multi Auxiliary Board

DS3800HLIA1A - Multi Auxiliary Board DS3800HLIA1A - Multi Auxiliary Board

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Part Number: DS3800HLIA1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Product Type: Multi Auxiliary Board
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)

DS3800HLIA1A is a Multi Auxiliary Board manufactured and designed by General Electric. It is a Part of Mark IV series. On one end of the board, there is a modular connector, and on the other, there are retention levers. The HLIA also has 15 red indicator LEDs and 1 amber LED that can be seen from the front of the board.

DS3800HLIA1A LED Features

  • The indicator LEDs on the HLIA are useful for quickly determining the board's health. The LEDs are located on the front of the board, between the retention levers. This allows them to be viewed while the drive is running.
  • When the board receives power and passes all startup diagnostic tests, the amber LEDs light up. When there is processing activity on the board, the red LEDs light up. Each LED on the board indicates activity in one circuit. The LEDs are described in the written material that comes with the board. It describes the LEDs and the circuits with which they are associated. When you see the red LEDs flashing, it means that everything is fine and no further action is needed.
  • An error may have occurred if the LEDs are not flashing. The first step toward a solution is to turn off all power to the drive. Then, using the retention levers, remove the board from the modular connector at the back of the board rack.
  • Wait a few seconds before returning the board to the board rack and pressing down on the retention levers to secure it. Then, restart the drive and resume processing. By restarting the board, you may be able to resolve some signal or processing errors.
  • The retention levers act as a locking mechanism to keep the board in place in the rack. They ensure that the modular connectors are fully seated and that the board does not move. When the drive is turned on, the operator can monitor the board by looking at the LEDs. Because the LEDs are on the front of the board, they can be seen while the drive is processing signals and the motor is receiving power. When the amber LED lights up, the board has power and all diagnostic startup tests have passed.
  • If the red LEDs flash, it means that the board is active and processing data. If the red LEDs are not flashing, it could mean that an error occurred and processing was halted. If you suspect a problem with the board, turn off the drive and pull up on the retention levers to remove it from the rack. After a few seconds, return the board to the rack and re-insert it into the modular connector. By pressing the retention levers, you can secure the board.

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What is DS3800HLIA1A?
DS3800HLIA1A is a Multi Auxiliary Board manufactured and designed by General Electric

How are boards packaged for shipment from WOC?
Parts are placed in antistatic packets and securely packed in ESD boxes cushioned with ESD Foam designed to safeguard electrical components.