DS3800HCVA - Digital to Analog Output Board

DS3800HCVA - Digital to Analog Output Board DS3800HCVA - Digital to Analog Output Board

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Part Number: DS3800HCVA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Product Type: Digital to Analog Output Board
Number of channels: 12
Operating temperature: -30 to 65 °C
Size: 8.26 cm high x 4.19 cm
Repair: 3-7 Day
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 2 lbs
Country of Origin: United States


DS3800HCVA is a Digital Analog Output Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark IV Series used in GE Speedtronic Gas Turbine Control Systems. A Digital-to-Analog Output Board, often referred to as a DAQ (Data Acquisition) board or DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) board, is a hardware component used in computer-based systems to convert digital signals into analog signals. These boards are commonly employed in various applications, including industrial automation, scientific research, audio equipment, and more. Here's a brief overview of what a Digital-to-Analog Output Board does:

  • Digital Input: These boards typically receive digital input signals from a computer or microcontroller. These digital signals consist of binary data (0s and 1s), representing values that need to be converted into analog voltages.
  • Digital-to-Analog Conversion: The main function of a DAQ board is to convert these digital values into corresponding analog voltages. This process involves using a Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) chip on the board. The DAC chip translates the digital data into an analog voltage level, which can be applied to external devices or systems.
  • Analog Output: The analog voltage output from the DAQ board can be used to control various physical parameters such as voltage levels, currents, or even position in applications like motor control. It's commonly used for tasks where precise and continuous control of analog signals is required.
  • Resolution and Accuracy: DAQ boards are characterized by their resolution and accuracy. Resolution refers to the number of bits in the digital data, which determines the granularity of the analog output. Higher resolution allows for more precise control. Accuracy measures how closely the analog output matches the intended value.
  • Software Interface: These boards come with software drivers and interfaces that allow users to communicate with and configure the board. Users can specify the digital values they want to convert and monitor the analog output.
  • Applications: DAQ boards are used in a wide range of applications, including laboratory experiments, automated testing, process control, and audio equipment. For example, in audio applications, they are used to convert digital audio signals (like MP3 files) into analog signals that can be played through speakers.
  • Compatibility: When choosing a DAQ board, it's important to ensure compatibility with the software and hardware requirements of your specific application. These boards are available in various form factors, such as PCI, PCIe, USB, or Ethernet-based, so you can select the one that best suits your needs.

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What is a Digital-to-Analog Output Board, and what is its primary function?

A Digital-to-Analog Output Board, often called a DAQ or DAC board, is a hardware component that converts digital signals (typically in the form of binary data) into analog voltage signals. Its primary function is to provide a means for computers or microcontrollers to interface with and control analog devices or systems.

What are some common applications of DAQ boards?

DAQ boards have a wide range of applications, including industrial automation (e.g., controlling motors and sensors), scientific research (e.g., data acquisition in experiments), audio equipment (e.g., converting digital audio to analog signals for speakers), and process control.

How does the resolution of a DAQ board affect its performance?

Resolution refers to the number of bits used to represent the digital data that gets converted into an analog signal. Higher resolution results in finer control and greater precision. For example, a 16-bit DAC has 65,536 possible output levels, providing more precise analog control than an 8-bit DAC with only 256 levels.