DS3800HCMA1E - Dual Communications Control Board

DS3800HCMA1E - Dual Communications Control Board DS3800HCMA1E - Dual Communications Control Board

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Part No.: DS3800HCMA1E
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)
Product Type: Dual Communications Control Board
Series: Mark IV

DS3800HCMA1E is a Dual Communications Control Board developed by General Electric. It is a part of mark IV series. Despite the obsolescence of the series, the GE General Electric Speedtronic Mark IV Gas Turbine Control System remains a reliable solution.

DS3800HCMA1E Features

  • HCMA has a modular connector for connecting to a drive and retention levers to keep the board in place. It also includes 20 jumpers and three LEDs. The board also has two 34-pin connectors and a number of capacitors.
  • The embedded jumpers allow you to configure the board's behavior. Each jumper has two positions that specify how the board processes signals from other boards and components in the drive. It also controls how the board processes signals sent to other boards and components.
  • Before installing the board in the drive, the jumpers must be set. Because the board is sandwiched between other boards during installation, the technician loses access to the jumpers. While installed, the board is designed to allow the operator to see the three indicator LEDs and access the two 34-pin connectors.


  • Critical sensors are distributed throughout RST so that each section can independently assess turbine condition. For example, thirteen exhaust thermocouples are distributed as follows: four to R, five to S, and four to T. Each of these sections sends its values to C, which computes and returns the median value to RST. As a result, under normal circumstances, the turbine will be controlled by the median of thirteen thermocouples.
  • If something goes wrong, each section of RST can make its own independent decision about how to limit the fuel.
  • Sensors that are not required for operation are fed directly into C. This avoids extra I/O and processing in RST, simplifying and improving the reliability of these computers. Because the majority of the operator interface is not critical to turbine operation, the same logic was applied.
  • If C fails, an alpha numeric auxiliary display (described later) is used to keep the system running until C is repaired.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS3800HCMA1E?
DS3800HCMA1E is a Dual Communications Control Board developed by General Electric.

How to Obtain this Dual Communications Control Board?
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