DS3800HAIC1B - Regulator Board

DS3800HAIC1B - Regulator Board DS3800HAIC1B - Regulator Board

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Part Number: DS3800HAIC1B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)
Product Type: Regulator Board

DS3800HAIC1B is a Regulator Board developed by General Electric The HAIC has a modular connector for attaching to a drive and retention levers to keep the board in place. The Regulator Board also has 9 jumpers and 2 trimmer resistor components. There is also one 20-pin connector and several test points on the board.

DS3800HAIC1B Features

  • The test points have IDs that are helpful when testing the circuits on the board. A technician can test the circuits on the board using the test points.
  • Each test point is a component of a circuit that evaluates specific functionality. The qualified servicer may have needed to consult service documentation pertaining to the board. The service documentation describes each circuit and includes a board diagram. 
  • The IDs used to describe the test points in the service document will correspond to the IDs printed on the board's surface. The IDs lack a standard prefix and instead describe the function of the circuit. Some of the IDs include CLK, DV, DB, JAT, and JBT.
  • When you've located the test point you want to test for the specific function, unplug the ribbon cables from the board and pull up on the retention levers.

Mark IV Features

  • The demand display is especially popular with operators. The operator can choose up to 64 values from the Mark IV database to display on two pages. The signal name is entered directly from the panel front using the membrane switch keyboard.
  • If the operator so desires, this display can be automatically printed at regular intervals. On the membrane switch, there is a dedicated 'history' button.
  • When you press this button, the historical log will be printed. It takes a step back from the most recent shutdown (or if the machine is running, from the present time). The data frames are chosen to concentrate information near the time of shutdown.
  • Each of the ten data frames contains the following information: turbine speed, turbine speed reference, fuel stroke reference, compressor discharge pressure, all exhaust thermocouple temperatures, and all alarms.

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What is DS3800HAIC1B?
DS3800HAIC1B is a Regulator Board developed by General Electric

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