DS3800HADA - L-Adr Decode Card

DS3800HADA - L-Adr Decode Card DS3800HADA - L-Adr Decode Card

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Part Number: DS3800HADA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Product type: L-Adr Decode Card
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

DS3800HADA is a L-Adr decode card developed by GE. It is a part of Mark IV control system. The decoder/demultiplexer processes board signals and combines them into a single signal for transmission. It is not possible to configure the decoder/demultiplexer.


  • The Board has a number of pins that are linked together by tiny wires wrapped around the pins. It contains 8 jumpers for board configuration and 1 decoder/demultiplexer component.
  • The jumpers are one way to configure the board. It is best to setup the board before installing it in the drive. The qualified installer must confer with the engineers on site and go over the jumper configuration possibilities. The jumpers are pre-set at the factory at the default positions. These are the most regularly used setup options.
  • In addition, the board comes with a set of configuration instructions that explain the jumpers and how shifting the pins affects how the board operates.


  • It is simple to shift the jumpers once the installer consults with the operators and engineers. Open the static-protective bag and slip out the board just before you want to transfer the jumpers and install the board. Position the board atop the bag. Then, using the jumper IDs, locate the jumpers to be moved. The letter J is used to identify jumpers. Pull up on the jumper with your thumb and one finger to remove it. Alternatively, pick up the jumper with a small pair of pliers or another device. Cover the pins by sliding it over them.
  • Signals can be sent to multiple regions on the board for processing thanks to the tiny wires wrapped around the pins. A qualified servicer or installation can change the signal routing by adding or removing tiny wires. Only a competent technician will have the training to understand how to get a specific result by connecting the pins. Read the configuration instructions included with the original board to learn about the pins and how adding a wire can affect the processing.
  • To add a wire, open the sealed bag containing the board using a sharp knife. To take the board from the bag, hold it by the edges. When holding the board, avoid pressing down on any pins or components. This could bend or break pins off the board. You must also keep static electricity at bay.
    This necessitates the acquisition of a wrist strap. Wear one end of the wrist strap around your wrist. The wrist strap is finished with a clip that you attach to a grounded metal surface. This surface could be a metal desk support or a metal stool leg.

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What is DS3800HADA?
It is a L-Adr decode card developed by GE

What is the purpose of the jumpers on the board?
The jumpers on the board are used to configure the board's settings. They can be shifted to change how the board operates, and the board comes with configuration instructions to explain how shifting the jumpers affects its functionality.

How can the signal routing be changed on the board?
The signal routing on the board can be changed by adding or removing wires that are wrapped around the pins. The configuration instructions included with the board should be consulted before attempting to change the signal routing.