DS3800DVRC1A - Regulator Circuit Board

DS3800DVRC1A - Regulator Circuit Board DS3800DVRC1A - Regulator Circuit Board

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Part No.: DS3800DVRC1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)
Product Type: Regulator Circuit Board
Series: Mark IV

The DS3800DVRC1A is a GE regulator circuit board under the Mark IV series. It is a part of General Electric's Speedtronic series of products. While Mark IV components are no longer available from the OEM, many of these boards are still available from WOC, where we stock a large number of Speedtronic components.

DS3800DVRC1A Features

  • Three potentiometers, sometimes known as variable resistors, are included in the board. Each variable resistor has a large black knob that is easy to grasp.
    The numerals zero to one hundred are plainly marked on each knob. With a single turn, you can acquire the current flow you need with a ten-degree increase from zero to one hundred. The knobs are additionally marked with little arrows for easy identification.
  • The board relies on the five EEPROM devices on the board once the current flow has been regulated. The programming for the board's operation are stored in these EEPROMs.
  • These devices, on the other hand, are not reprogrammable. If extra programming is required, a second EEPROM can be placed in the "SPARE" area of the board. his part already has a current point around it, making it simple to add an EEPROM.
  • Resistors are the components of the circuit board that make it a regulator. On this circuit board, there are two types of resistors. The first sort of resistor is modest in size but has a large number of them. This particular board has roughly seventy-six people on it. These tiny resistors are colored in a variety of ways. Each resistor's color corresponds to a code that tells the operator how many ohms it can withstand. The "power resistor" is the second type of resistor. These power resistors come in a variety of sizes and are designed to manage high-power energy that may flow through the board during an energy spike.

Mark IV Features

  • The Mark IV control system was General Electric's first TMR (triple modular redundant) control system for gas and steam turbines in their popular Speedtronic series.
    The Operator Interface module in the Mark IV Speedtronic system is used to communicate with the turbine system.
  • This module interface features input membrane switches as well as an emergency stop pushbutton. The Speedtronic system includes a panel-mounted printer for automatic logging and printing of specific parameters.
  • Alarm Lockout, Alarm Logging, and various diagnostics are all available on the Mark IV. Administrative lists that allow for time/date data, scale sets, security codes, control identity selection, and PROM ids are also displayed as options.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS3800DVRC1A?
The DS3800DVRC1A is a GE regulator circuit board under the Mark IV series.

How to Obtain this regulator circuit board?
World of Controls provides Mark IV as well as other turbine control products. Contact WOC.