DS3800DSQD1A - Sequencer Auxiliary Board

DS3800DSQD1A - Sequencer Auxiliary Board DS3800DSQD1A - Sequencer Auxiliary Board

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Part Number: DS3800DSQD1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Product Type: Sequencer Auxiliary Card
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)

DS3800DSQD1A is a Sequencer Auxiliary Card manufactured and designed by General Electric. It is a part of the GE Mark IV Series.

DS3800DSQD1A Features

  • The GE Speedtronic Board DSQD has a height of 3 inches and a length of 7 inches. The board has 32 LED indicator lights, several capacitors, and 16 jumpers. It has a single 50-pin connector.
    The drive is designed to operate within a temperature range, and if the temperature inside the drive exceeds the range, the drive will shut down automatically without operator intervention. Hot temperatures can cause component failure or intermittent errors. It may also pose a fire risk.
    This is one of several possible trip conditions. An overvoltage condition can also cause a trip condition. This happens when the voltage entering a circuit exceeds a certain threshold.
  • Overvoltage can cause component damage. It can also start a fire or cause a component to fail. Drive overload is another condition that can cause a trip condition. This could indicate an installation issue or that the drive is underpowered for the work load. If the motor is overloaded, early component failure can occur. It may cause excessive heat and fire.
    It is best practice not to restart the drive if a trip condition occurs until the root cause of the failure is determined.
  • The drive air vents are blocked by cables or that the drive is installed too close to other devices. In that case, relocate the drive away from other equipment or create more open space in the room by removing heat-generating equipment.

System Software

  • Mark IV's software design presented several challenges. First, each gas turbine control installation is customized with the specific options and features that the customer requires. This requires the software to be highly modularized and easily modifiable in areas that change frequently, such as start-up and shut-down sequencing.
  • Another challenge is to configure this unique set of software while still meeting the high reliability objectives. Third, the fault-tolerant redundant processor design necessitates the use of a carefully designed communication system that can function in the presence of partial failures.

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What is DS3800DSQD1A?
DS3800DSQD1A is a Sequencer Auxiliary Card manufactured by GE.

What are the dimensions of the board?
Board has a height of 3 inches and a length of 7 inches

How to avail the price of the board?
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