DS3800DPSA - Power Supply PC Board

DS3800DPSA - Power Supply PC Board DS3800DPSA - Power Supply PC Board

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Part Number: DS3800DPSA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Product Type: Power Supply PC Board
Power Requirements: +5 V dc, 6 A
Number of relay channels: 12
Power supply voltage: 28 V dc
Operating temperature: -40 to +70°C
Size: 15.9 cm high x 17.8 cm
Weight: 0.8kg
Repair: 3-7 Day
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States


DS3800DPSA is a Power Supply PC Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark IV Series used in GE Speedtronic Gas Turbine Control Systems. In a turbine control system, the power supply PC board plays a critical role in ensuring that the system has a stable and reliable source of power. The power supply PC board provides regulated DC power to the various components of the turbine control system, including sensors, actuators, controllers, and communication modules. In addition to providing stable and reliable power, the power supply PC board in a turbine control system must also be designed to operate in harsh environments. Turbine control systems are often located in areas with high levels of vibration, temperature fluctuations, and humidity, which can all impact the performance and reliability of the power supply PC board.

The features of a power supply PC board can vary depending on the specific model and application, but some common features that are often included are:

Power output: The power output is typically measured in watts and indicates the maximum amount of power that the power supply PC board can provide to the system.

Efficiency: The efficiency of the power supply PC board indicates how effectively it converts the AC power from the wall outlet into the DC power required by the computer's components. Higher efficiency means less waste heat generated, less power drawn from the wall outlet, and lower operating costs.

Voltage Regulation: The voltage regulation ensures that the DC voltage output of the power supply PC board remains constant and within acceptable tolerances, regardless of fluctuations in the AC power input or changes in the load on the system.

Protection Features: These can include overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and temperature protection, which help prevent damage to the system in case of electrical faults.

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