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Part No.: DS3800DLIB
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Relay Driver Module
Series: Mark IV

DS3800DLIB is a relay driver module under Mark IV series GE. The SpeedTronic Turbine Control System board series, which regulates the functions of a gas turbine or steam turbine, includes the General Electric Mark IV Gas. WOC e maintains a huge inventory of old GE Turbine Control boards and offers low-cost, high-quality replacements and repairs.

  • Various computer components, such as C, R, S, and T cores, were included in the Speedtronic line for Mark IV, indicating a Triple Modular Redundant control system. These same components were also utilized in a Datatronics system, which was supposed to be a Distributed Control System (DCS) that controlled the rest of the plant's equipment. All gas turbine control requirements are met by the Mark IV Control System.
  • Management of liquid, gas, or both fuels in accordance with the requirements of speed or load control under part-load situations, temperature control under maximum-capability conditions, or open-loop under start-up and shutdown conditions are just a few examples. To achieve operating requirements, inlet guide vanes and water or steam injection are also controlled.
  • The Mark IV Control System additionally handles auxiliary sequencing for completely automated starting, shutdown, and cool down. The fundamental control system additionally includes turbine protection against adverse operating conditions and annunciation of unfavorable operating conditions. A black and white alphanumeric cathode ray tube serves as the local operator interface, providing feedback on current operational conditions to the operator. An industrial-grade membrane-switch panel enters the operator's commands into the system, using an arm/execute sequence to prevent unintentional turbine operation.
  • The communicator, a fourth microprocessor that also handles communication duties amongst control processors, is used to communicate between the operator interface and the turbine control, limiting the chance for software and data mistakes to spread. In the odd event that either the communicator microprocessor or the CRT fails, a backup LED display directly connected to the control processors is supplied to allow gas turbine operation to continue.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS3800DLIB?
DS3800DLIB is a relay driver module under Mark IV series GE

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